10 Things To Make You Happy This Week


10 Things To Make You Happy This Week

  1. A nice bath. I like mine long and hot. I’ve got a ready stash of bath bombs and cream soaks to make it extra special. There’s nothing quite like a lush bath bomb.
  2. Listen to an uplifting song. My mood varies. Sometimes I prefer a bit of classical or sometimes a bit of cheesy pop music. Only you know what will lighten your mood. But whatever you do, crank it up and allow the notes to chase away any negativity.
  3. Meet a friend for a cup of tea and a chat. I find some of the best cheery therapy is meeting with my old school friends for some laughter and a good old catch up. We all love a good brew so it’s quite often over a cuppa. If they don’t live that nearby, meet half way. Do some research and find a good cafe and then make it an occasion. I guarantee you’ll feel uplifted.
    A cup of tea can make you happy
  4. Treat yourself to a bit of decent chocolate. Dark chocolate not only has health benefits but it will definitely improve your mood. You don’t need a lot, just a few squares. I recommend Lindt. A lovely creamy Swiss chocolate. Their lime infused bar is particularly special.
  5. Do some exercise. My favourite way is to either do a Zumba or Pilates class or to go out for a nice long walk. Although I only tend to do the second one when the sunshine is out (I’m a fair weather rambler).
  6. Bake something. There’s nothing better than the accomplishment of something delicious that you have baked. I find baking for other people even more satisfying. Half a dozen cupcakes taken round for my best friend, her husband and kids, not only lifts my mood, it lifts theirs as they get yummy cakes. They also know someone else was thinking of them.  When you drop them, why not combine with number three and you’ll get a double dose of happiness.Cupcakes make you happy
  7. Start a new book. There’s not much that can rival the excitement of an eagerly anticipated good book. Pick something by an author you love. Or if you are stuck for ideas, take a look at my book reviews.
  8. Spend an hour doing something different with your hair.  If you normally have straight hair, curl it. If it’s normally down, spend some time perfecting an ‘up do’. You’ll be amazed how many lovely compliments you will get.
  9. Spend some time with animals. If you have a pet. Spend a bit of extra time having a cuddle. If you don’t have a pet, so and see a friend who has one or next time you walk or drive past a pet store, go in and spend a little while watching the bunnies and guinea pigs. They’ll cheer your mood up no end. I’ve even heard of service where you can borrow a pet for a few hours. Take them for a walk and bask in their unconditional love.
  10. Play a game of cards or a board game with your loved ones. Nothing too competitive like monopoly but something fun and quick moving. Jenga is a good game. For cards, something like Uno can be a good game for two or the whole family. If there’s no one else to play with, play a game of patience. Play it the old fashioned way, with real cards, not on a computer.

I hope you enjoyed my suggestions of 10 things you should do this week that will make you happy. Have a lovely, cheery week all!

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9 thoughts on “10 Things To Make You Happy This Week

  1. Avatar Marta says:

    Hello Sally, great list! Here’s what I think:

    1 – A long and hot bath, seems so much better in my head than in practice, however I will try it and combine with your number 2 – Listening to uplifting music, I will add to my list and let you know. 🙂

    2 – Bake for others? Did you do those cupcakes? If so can you teach me how to do those beautiful toppings? I love to bake as well.

    3 – Spend time with animals – I would love to have dogs to walk with and cats to cuddle with.

    xx Marta

    • Sally Sally says:

      Hi Marta. Thanks for your lovely comments. Yes a bath and music do go quite well together. I sometimes also add in a scented candle and a good book.

      I love to bake cupcakes. I’m always baking them for friends’ birthdays or just because. The ones in the picture I actually didn’t top, my good friend Lisa piped these ones. Us and another friend had a baking day and we made dozens of cakes for friends and family, which was a lot of fun. I’d love to share my recipe and techniques with you, so I’ll put a post together on this and show you some of my handiwork.

      I’ve also heard of this great service where you can borrow a dog for some canine company. I think this is their website – https://www.borrowmydoggy.com/ a friend of mine who lives in London does this and she raves about it.

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