13 People You Always See On A Train


13 People You Always See On A Train

Train people

Whenever I’m travelling by rail, I tend to see the same sorts of people on my journey –

Simon the Suit
Tapping away on a laptop or tablet. He answers the phone with a brusque ‘Andrews’. The phone rings 8 times during your hour long journey.

Pearl and Alan Togetherforever
The old couple who occupy one side of a table seat. They bought sandwiches wrapped in foil and a thermos flask for the journey. You are so envious. You’d like a hot cup of tea.

Harry Hog
Not necessary a larger than average person. Just someone who takes up a lot of room, including most of your seat. Their lounging ways irritate you but you are always too polite to say anything.

Year 5 of St Satan’s School
An overexcited gaggle of school children who end up spread all over the carriage. You hear the incessant questioning and instructions from the teacher. Where’s Oliver. Has anyone seen Oliver? Poppy stop standing on the chair. You’ll just have to wait until we are there Amelia.

Tired Tina
The worn out parent with two unruly children. They tell their children to sit down and stop running up and down the carriage over and over. But the children never do sit down and stop running up and down the carriage. Where do they get their energy from?

Fast food dude. The chap who gets on clutching a brown bag of deep fried takeaway, stinking out the whole train. The carriage are divided Half hate him, the other half want to steal his food.

Rory the Snorer
Again usually a suit. Usually on an evening train back from London. His fits of snores have passengers catching each others’ eyes and smirking. You know he has missed his stop more than once this year.

Louise Vuitton
The woman who wrestles on 2 full size suitcases, a holdall and a handbag for good measure. Where are these people going with all this baggage you wonder. Surely no commercial airline lets you take THAT much luggage?

Jen and Ben
Usually curled up together in the back two seats. You wouldn’t know they were there apart from the girlish giggle that occasionally escapes the female of the two. She’s normally got at least one body part on his lap. They notice no one else.

Eccentric Eleanor
The one that’s usually singing or humming the whole way. They look so happy you are a little jealous, but then you realise you wouldn’t like to look that crazy.

Beer Can Billy
There’s always one person on the train clutching a half drunk beer can. No matter what time of the day he will be present.

Deaf Jeff
The lad with dance music so loud you can hear it perfectly through his headphones. He promptly falls asleep as soon as he gets on.

Efficient Emily
She uses the morning commute to put her full make up on. You stare in awe as she expertly applies eyeliner as the train violently rocks side to side. Once finished she often has her breakfast on the train. A banana, a cereal bar or a yoghurt are her usual choices.

Which of these have you seen on the train and is there anyone else you would add?  I’m sure there are a few more out there.

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