5 Wish List Destinations


5 Wish List Destinations

I’m sure it’s not just me that has a wish list of places I’d like to visit that longer than your average encyclopaedia? I also have a wish list that is bigger than my wages and holiday allowance, so I’ll have to narrow this down a bit. But there must be some destinations you’d like to visit that are higher up the list than others? Here’s my top five wish list destinations.


I see so much beauty in the natural environment in Iceland. I think the landscape is absolutely fascinating and I am excited to see the northern lights. This was on my places to visit this year, but we decided we need to do some work on our house. So it’s back on the wish list.

5 Wish List Destinations


I love Greece and especially the Greek Islands. I think the vibe of Greece is amazing and the people are so friendly. We ate so well when we went to one of Santorini’s sister islands, I’d love to explore more of the cuisine here. Santorini is known for its beautiful sunsets and gorgeous architecture. It’s definitely one right up there in the places I want to visit.

5 Wish List Destinations

New Zealand

I’ve only known a few people who’ve explored this area of the world but everyone has raved about the beauty of it. We love nature, walking, hiking, cycling and generally being wowed by our surroundings, so I think that my husband and I would really enjoy taking in everything New Zealand has to offer.

5 Wish List Destinations

South Africa

Now technically I’m not sure whether South Africa should be allowed on my wish list as we’ve already visited once. But I’m going to add it anyway. There was so much to see and do, I feel we’d need to go back to be able to do and see everything that we didn’t cover last time. I’d like to go to Robben Island and explore more of the countryside. We spent a lot of time in and around Cape Town and there’s a lot more to see. It also helps that I have very close friend there and we only ever see each other every five years now.

5 Wish List Destinations


This has been on my wish list for a number of years and I think it’s one that we might be able to squeeze in soon. I love the pictures I’ve seen of the pretty streets and the waterways. I think it would be a modern city break which would blow me away. I love to find out more about how this fishing village became such a world class destination.

5 Wish List Destinations

If you are making some wish list plans, there’s a tool on SunLife which can help you. There’s also a lot of great ideas and tips on Lonely Planet to help you get started, but I also find inspiration over on Pinterest. Looking at other people’s travel photos can really help to inspire you.

Where’s next on your wish list? Or what’s your top five wish list destinations?

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8 thoughts on “5 Wish List Destinations

  1. So many destinations on your list that I’ve never been to and desperately want to – Santorini is top of my list x #AnythingGoes

  2. Avatar Annabel says:

    Top of my bucket list is Morocco. But I’d happily go to any of the places on your bucket list too.

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