Airkix – Indoor Skydiving


Airkix – Indoor Skydiving

I can’t say I wasn’t a bit apprehensive when I was presented with a voucher for indoor skydiving. The thought of outdoor skydiving is pretty terrifying and I thought this might be as similarly scary.

But as you know, my life motto is ‘ketchup tomorrow, relish today’ so I thought I’d better relish the opportunity to try something new. Little did I realise, not only was I a bit of a natural at this indoor skydiving malarkey, but actually it was immensely enjoyable.

Airkix Indoor Skydiving

Airkix operate out of three sites in the UK. One in Basingstoke, another in Manchester and the one we went to in Milton Keynes. They have built large wind tunnels with super-powerful fans underneath, which if you have any skill, you can glide gracefully up and down the funnel.

You are taken through a bit of basic safety and training, kitted up and once you are let loose, you take it in turns with fellow skydivers to spend a couple of minutes mastering your training in the tunnel.

I can’t say it isn’t a weird sensation, but it is great fun to float up and down and around the tunnel and it’s also great to watch others do this as well. The tunnel is made of see-through Perspex so you can watch family and friends in between dives.

Airkix Indoor Skydiving

Unfortunately for me, there’s not that many things that I’m naturally good at, so I was quite pleased that this seemed to come naturally. I wonder whether this is to do with my love of Pilates. A strong core would help as you are essentially laying in a saucer position (with your back being the part the cup would sit on). My other half, more built for strength, rather than his general bendiness, spent half of his time rolling around the floor like a beetle on its back – much to my amusement. There were some kids as part of our group, and although they were quite apprehensive to start with, they loved it. It would be great for groups of friends or a fun family day out.

There are a variety of flight packages available. The introductory package include 2 flights. There are packages that include more flights or even couples packages.

Would I go back? Yes, I’ve already been back with friends and family, who loved it too and would love you go again.

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