Angelcare Baby Monitor Review


Angelcare Baby Monitor Review

I did quite a lot of research before we settled on a baby monitor. There are a lot of options out there and everyone has different opinions on what they’d recommend and there are also a lot of reviews of the different systems available.

Angelcare Baby Monitor Review

There are three main types of Angelcare baby monitors available. One, which is just a sound monitor, the second is a video monitor and the top of the range is the movement monitor. I looked at the pros and cons of each.

I didn’t feel that the sound monitor would give us enough peace of mind. I know that when I am babysitting my eldest niece, I often just watch the baby monitor to check that she is breathing!

The movement monitor comes with a pad which you can put in the baby’s cot. It detects even the tiniest movement across the whole of the cot and then can alert the parents if the baby does not have movement for 20 seconds or longer. These are ideal for parents who are more nervous, but we decided as we plan to use a bedside crib, that this wouldn’t be suitable for us.

So we opted for a video monitor. We wanted one that had a camera and a separate screen for us to be able to watch baby on. It wouldn’t have been ideal to have one that ran on either of our mobile phones, so we ruled this out straight away.

After some reading online we came across Angelcare baby monitors. They had faired very well in chatter across the parenting forums, and so I looked into their range further. I found the information on their website easy to follow and it was simple to compare different monitors for different features. As it was important for us to have a big and clear screen to watch baby on, we went for the AC510.

The AC510 Angelcare baby monitor has a 5 inch LCD touch screen which was perfect for our requirements.

Angelcare Baby Monitor Review

There’s also an inbuilt room thermometer, which will allow us to see how hot or cold the room that baby is sleeping in. This was particularly important for us as our house is a home of two halves. The front of the house can be as much as 10 degrees cooler than the back of the house. The nursery that the baby will eventually move into is at the front of the house.

The other features on the AC510 Angelcare baby monitor that really appealed to us is the two-way talk feature. Perfect if one parent is in with baby and needs to ask the other parent downstairs something. Infrared night vision – I think most baby monitors would be useless without this surely? So it goes without saying that we would want this on our model.

We also like the fact that we could mount the camera unit on either a table top or a wall. This is perfect if we need to monitor baby in a different place, for example, at one of the grandparents’ houses or even in a different room to where the baby would normally sleep.

There’s another great feature of the AC510, one which I doubt we’ll take advantage of, but is there if we need to. The fact that you can add up to four extra cameras and monitor these cameras on the same screen unit. This is ideal if you want a close-up view, as well as a whole cot view. It’s also perfect if you have a very wriggly baby and you need to use two cameras to take in the whole area that the baby may cover during the night. There are lots of benefits to this multi-camera setup.

The AC510 Angelcare baby monitor also looks really smart too. The camera unit is small and aesthetically pleasing and the large monitoring screen is easy to use and looks nice.

Angelcare Baby Monitor Review

When it came to actually using the baby monitor, the picture on the screen is really clear. I will say there is a bit of a knack to using the touch screen, it’s not as responsive, as say your mobile phone, but this doesn’t really bother me as the camera and thermometer settings are the main features we would use, which are clearly visible from the front screen.

On using our baby monitor, we found some other features. One where the screen will turn its self off after a set number of seconds or minutes, and another where the sound will turn off if no sound is detected. That way you don’t get the constant background noise from the room. It will detect if there is a noise in the room and turn the sound back on. For example, if baby is crying. When I first started playing around with the monitor, I didn’t realise this sound setting was activated so didn’t know why the background sound kept cutting out. A quick look on the troubleshooting guide on the Angelcare website confirmed my suspicions. Both features can be turned off and on via the settings found on the touch screen.

Overall, I’m really impressed with the Angelcare AC510 and I would recommend this to others who are looking for a video baby monitor. The AC510 currently retails at £199.99, but there are other options of Angelcare video monitors starting at £139.99.

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Disclosure: This is a collaborative post with Angelcare. They gave us a discount on our baby monitor. But as always, my opinions are my own and we think our baby monitor is great.

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  1. I had a simple sound monitor which did so much to relieve the worry but if I had the choice again I would definitely choose a video one for extra peace of mind.

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