Brewdog Beer Tasting


Brewdog Beer Tasting

Brewdog offer a beer tasting experience which I thought would make a lovely gift for my finance for Christmas. I gave him the voucher and then we booked it in to go in the early part of the year.

Brewdog Beer Tasting

We arrived at Brewdog Shoreditch, which is just at the end of Brick Lane and were pointed to head downstairs to join the rest of the group. In the back corner of the downstairs of the bar, there were a dozen or so people enjoying a beer and waiting for our host.

We squeezed in to take our place on a couple of beer stools at the back (it was very cosy) and the session soon began. Our host was really engaging and she really knew her stuff about beer and Brewdog.

She explained the process of how the beer was brewed whilst taking us though five different tastings. The last tasting, the Jet Black Heart was not to my taste at all, it was very dark, a bit like Guinness. The other tastings were realty nice and my favourite was the first one we tried, Kingpin.

The session was really good fun, the crowd we joined with were a real mixture of ages and they were lively. Brewdog provided a sheet to write down your tasting notes which was a good idea and there was a quiz at the end. I did quite well scoring the highest score of 16/20, but no prize was awarded as you had to get 20/20. Boo!

Brewdog Beer Tasting

The venue is quite dark and atmospheric. Unfortunate on the day we visited, they had a bad leak so the toilets were flooded and there was water dripping through the ceiling where we were doing our tastings which wasn’t ideal. It wasn’t directly where we were sitting, just to the side of the tasting table, so it didn’t really bother me too much but for some people, that might have been an annoyance as the floor and the walls were really wet.

The Brewdog beer tasting session was really good value as we had five beer tastings each and a small platter of cheese and cured meats for £19.99 for the pair of us.

Brewdog Beer Tasting

Brewdog do a number of events, so it’s worth checking out their calendar. A big shout out to our host, she really knew her stuff and we enjoyed our session very much.

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    • Sally Sally says:

      Oh yes it was really fun. Nice to get out for a few hours and try something different and learn something new too.

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