Crystal Caves, Bermuda


Crystal Caves, Bermuda

The Crystal Caves in Bermuda are one of the most breath-taking places I’ve ever visited. They are awesome.

I don’t exactly know why, perhaps it’s because of the sense of tranquility you get in the caves. Perhaps it’s because nature made something so beautiful and so perfectly formed and has been refining it for hundreds of thousands of years. Perhaps it’s both. But one thing is for sure is that you should definitely add the Crystal Caves to your itinerary when visiting the wonderful island of Bermuda.

Crystal Caves, Bermuda

The Crystal Caves are known as The Crystal and Fantasy Caves in the tourism circles. The Crystal Caves are pathways of floating pontoons which take you through the caves. Suspended above you are hundreds, if not thousands of beautiful stalactites, formed over thousands of centuries. The Fantasy Caves focus more on the rock formations and you will be guided through the majestic grottoes and over beautifully clear bodies of water.

Crystal Caves, Bermuda

The story of how the caves were discovered doesn’t go back as far as you would think. It was only in 1907 that a couple of lads playing cricket accidentally came across the caves after losing their precious cricket ball.  The site owner was amazed at what treasures were held underneath the surface and it now is one of Bermuda’s favourite tourist attractions. The Bermudian are so proud and protective of their caves, it’s actually illegal to touch the rocks or stalactites and you can be imprisoned for this.

If you are going to visit, wrap up warm and take a camera (especially one that will be good in low lighting – mine came out a bit fuzzy). You’ll be amazed by the beauty and will want to capture the magic on a camera.

Crystal Caves, Bermuda

The Crystal Caves are located in the Hamilton district and you don’t need to book in advance. Just turn up, it’s open from 9am to 5pm.  The tours depart every 20 minutes and cost $30 for both caves.

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10 thoughts on “Crystal Caves, Bermuda

  1. Wow! Two gorgeous vicarious vacations from you in one day! I love seeing the images and hearing all about it. I love caves, isn’t it amazing what nature does? What it forms. Thanks so much for sharing them!!!

    • Sally Sally says:

      I love holidays. It’s one of the reasons I started blogging. I really wanted to share my experiences and hopefully inspire others. Yes I’d love to see other caves like this, but I’ve not seen anything advertised that looks like it comes close to this.

    • Sally Sally says:

      It definitely was one of my favourite destinations that I’ve visited. It’s such a beautiful island. Thanks for stopping by.

  2. Oh wow these caves look so beautiful and I would love to go and visit. I have been in a few caves but these look spectacular. Thank you for linking up – a great post! x

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