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Customer Service

Customer service is at the top of the agenda when it comes to online shopping these days. It’s really important that e-tailers give every customer an excellent customer experience. We as a nation will vote with our feed (or is it our fingers?) and will move away from using an online retailer whose customer service is poor.

CCSN (who you can use to contact customer services numbers) have put together this really interesting infographic which highlights some of the issues that we as consumers face and that really get our blood boiling. One of the companies on the infographic is John Lewis, who are supposed to be known for their great customer service. I’ve had problems with the retail giant a couple of times, and both times the solution hasn’t been ideal. When ordering makeup online, twice it arrived broken. Something as fragile as blusher really should be packaged a bit better than just in a box that was way too large for it. After the second time, I was promised a next day delivery and some form of compensation. To my frustration, the third blusher never arrived and the woman I spoke to on the phone seemed distant and unsure of why it was never sent. I gave up and promptly asked for a refund, spending my money at one of John Lewis’s competitors instead.

It’s so annoying when things like that happen. Once you can understand, but three failed attempts to get me the product I had paid for is a bit much, don’t you think?

Anyway, rant over. What do you find is the biggest annoyance when dealing with companies?

I had a very good experience with Fitbit. I unfortunately was hit by a car earlier on the year whilst out walking, and apart from a few bumps and bruises, I was unscathed. My Fitbit did not take the hit so well. I actually think that it was my Fitbit taking the impact from the car that stopped my arm from being much worse off.

I contacted Fitbit to ask them where I could take my tracker to be repaired and they enquired how it had got broken. After telling them about what had happened, they offered me a brand new Fitbit completely free of charge. Wow! Just wow! I was just contacting just to see if I could send it off to be repaired and I was happy to pay. That’s above and beyond Fitbit and I love you for it.

Customer service like this pays off though. I’ll be loyal to Fitbit for a long time to come. I also rave about them to anyone who cares to listen.

There’s a lot of reasons why people deem they’ve had a good or bad experience with a company. Have a look through the infographic and see if you agree with what’s shown. Have you had a good experience with a company?

Customer Service

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2 thoughts on “Customer Service

  1. My biggest complaint is when companies have a long menu to get to an actual person. One time I had to select 17 options before it would let me have a human!!! #AnythingGoes

    • Sally Sally says:

      Oh I know exactly what you mean Heather. I just want to shout down the phone, take me to a human! You know most of the time you’ll end up in the same department anyway.

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