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Escape Rooms

So if I can take you back to 2004. I was freshly back from university, very little money and full of life and energy (even more so than now). What did your average 21 year old do in 2004? If I say Crimson Room, people of a similar age (and perhaps similar geekiness) will nod and smile.

Crimson Room was the original Escape the Room. Well in my eyes anyway. There have been various iterations of Escape the Room that date back to the late 80s, but this is the one that most people remember.

So for those of who that don’t know Escape the Room or the Crimson Room, it essentially is where you are put into a room and you have to solve a series of puzzles to be able to escape.  If you are in the Crimson Room, it’s not a physical entrapment, its worse. You are trapped in a computer simulation.  If I recall back, I did escape the Crimson Room, but I think I may have looked up some hints on the internet first. It was hard.

So when a very good friend of mine got me tickets to a real-life Escape the Room for my birthday, I was very excited. I love a puzzles and I love a good evening out with friends. Win win!

Escape the Room

So, myself and four of my trusty school friends found ourselves at the Escape Rooms at London Bridge one Friday night.

We were given the briefing by the lovely, helpful chaps at the venue. We had to solve the riddles contained in the room to be able to escape, otherwise like many before us, we would die in the room. Eeek!

I won’t give too much away, but there are two escape options at London Bridge. One which is called ‘Room 33’ where you have find the missing vase and the one that we did called ‘Pharaoh’s Chamber – A Cursed Tomb’ where you have to solve the puzzles and light all the lights in the room to escape.

Escape the Room

I’m pleased to say, although it was close, we did manage to solve all the conundrums in time and escape the room. We had only a few minutes to spare and we all got very over-excited just 10 minutes before the end when we were so close and just so far – you get a full hour to escape and boy does that hour go quickly.

As we managed to escape the room, we got our photo taken and we proudly displayed this on the front window. I think the chaps took a liking to us as we got prime spot for our photo.

Escape the Room

Was this super fun? Yes! Would I go again? Hell yes. We’ve actually got another one booked next weekend whilst we are away (there are Escape Rooms all over the country). Let’s see if we make it back or whether we are stuck in the room forever.

Prices at Escape Rooms at London Bridge depend on how many players you have, but they start at £19.20 and go up to £25.

Also to reassure you. The team at Escape the Room will provide you with hints, if you get stuck. So you’d needn’t worry if you think it will be too challenging. We had to use a clue as we got very stuck on one of the puzzles.

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