Filmore and Union


Filmore and Union

Most people hate the idea of eating out on their own. I actually don’t mind. Don’t get me wrong, I prefer dining out with others as the experience of spending time with family and friends is as lovely as the dining experience, but I genuinely don’t mind eating out on my own.

So I was away for work, staying in the lovely town of Skipton and one of my colleagues suggested I try the restaurant Filmore and Union. The restaurant was just a few minutes’ walk from where I was staying and was right in the heart of Skipton town.

On entering I was greeted warmly by the waitress. On revealing that I was just a party of one, she didn’t make a fuss, but simply asked me to pick which table I would like. I often get that when I’m dining alone. I think people would like you to choose whether you hide away in a corner or whether you like to be in the centre to people watch. I chose a table in the centre, but along the back wall. Perfect for people watching, whilst I dined.

Filmore and Union

Filmore and Union was started by two people called Adele and Wil after a discussion around Adele’s kitchen table about there being a lack of healthy restaurants. Following a trip to San Francisco, where healthy eating restaurants are king, they opened Filmore and Union, aptly named after two San Francisco streets. The ethos is serving clean, healthy and tasty food. Not worrying about making it low fat and stuffing it with fat replacements for taste. Simply just offering good-quality, natural food as it should be.

Filmore and Union

As you would have guessed by my own recipes, this is an ethos I believe in. Of course we all use short-cuts, we are all short of time. But more often than not, it takes less time to make meals from scratch, as it does to pick up a phone and order a takeaway. It simply doesn’t take much more time to make your own pasta sauces than using the stuff from the jars and the same with burgers and meatballs. It’s just a little more effort for a lot more taste.

So back to the restaurant, I was offered a menu along with some pretty tasty sounds specials. The menu was full of delicious whole food dishes. I was torn between the chicken swarma skewers, served with sweet potato wedges, salad and tzatziki, the butternut squash and feta filo tart, served with the same sides or the turkey burger. I opted for the turkey burger.

It was served on a spinach, cashew and hummus ciabatta with carrot, beetroot pickle and mango supergreen dressing. This all came served with sweet potato wedges.

Filmore and Union

When the dish came out, I was mightily impressed. It was really well presented, the burger looked delicious and the wedges, well don’t even get me started on the wedges. They were so yummy. I’ll be honest as say I wasn’t very keen on the supergreen dressing, but it was served in a little pot on the side so after I decided it wasn’t for me, it didn’t intrude on my meal. I did enjoy the healthy ketchup which was dark and rich like tomato puree, without the twanginess of puree. Turkey can be a dry meat, mainly because of its low fat content, but in this dish was cooked and served really well so you hardly noticed this. The turkey burger and sides was priced at £14.

I really enjoyed my dinner for one at Filmore and Union and I applaud what Adele and Wil have done as it’s very hard to find more than one or two healthy options on a normal restaurant menu. At this restaurant, I struggled to decide as they all sounded so delicious. I hope Fimore and Union continue to expand and I would be first in the queue if and when they venture south.

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14 thoughts on “Filmore and Union

  1. This is a fab concept for a restaurant – a lot of people who eat healthily are put off eating out because they know they’ll struggle to find something they can have. The turkey burger looks lush!
    Thanks for linking up to #AnythingGoes 🙂

    • Sally Sally says:

      It is isn’t it Debbie. So lovely to have a healthy dining option. I just wish it were a bit nearer to me.

  2. I should not have read this whilst hungry. It all sounds so delicious! I’ll be keeping an eye out for a local branch! #GlobalBlogging

    • Sally Sally says:

      Hope you get a chance to go Harriet. It was truly delicious. I know it makes you hungrier if you haven’t eaten!

  3. I wish there were more restaurants like that near me. I try to cook from scratch most of the time. I agree making your own sauces is so easy and there are so many meals you can whip up in the time it takes to order and receive a take away x

    • Sally Sally says:

      Me too. I haven’t found too many restaurants in Kent like this, but I do think the restaurant industry is changing and people are more open to better choices when dining out.

  4. The restaurant looks amazing, the food also and sounds delicious. I have no problem eating out by myself. With all the fuzz and buzz in life, it’s actually quite relaxing;) #AnythingGoes

  5. This sounds lovely. I’m like you in that I could happily dine alone and I think that comes with being comfortable with yourself and having your own space. The food looks gorgeous!

    • Sally Sally says:

      I completely agree. I’d had to do it for years when I’ve travelled for work and it doesn’t bother me. I’d rather eat nice food in a restaurant than a sad sandwich in my hotel room.

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