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Get Covered

Working in the travel industry for many years, it seems crazy to me that people will travel abroad without getting adequate travel insurance sorted before they go. In fact that they wouldn’t have travel insurance in place when they book. Most people think that you should have it in place when you travel, but it’s a good idea to have it in place before you go, when you actually book.

Natural Disasters

With more things like natural disasters occurring, it’s a good idea to research your destination and ensure that you have adequate travel insurance in place a lot time before you travel. Check the small print. If you are travelling to certain destinations you may need a top up on your annual premium to cover you. Also if you have a pre-existing medical condition you should declare this beforehand to ensure that you are covered, whatever happens.


We travelled to Indonesia last year, an area well-known for natural disasters. Whilst we were there, the alert level was raised for the eruption of Mount Agung on the island of Bali and a 12km exclusion zone was put in place around the mountain. It was a very strange situation to be in. We spent five days in Bali being mindful that our onward travel may be disrupted at any time (we had 10 flights booked over our 15 day trip). We travelled on to neighbouring Lombok, where from our hotel room, we could see the dramatic outline of Mount Agung across the water. Not close enough to reach us (hopefully) but close enough that we could see the foreboding threat. The threat level was lowered just shortly after, but the volcano did indeed erupt just weeks later.

Get Covered

The island of Lombok was shook just a few month later with the a number of eruptions of Mount Rinjani which has damaged much of the beautiful island and as I write this there’s been another tsunami in Indonesia just today. It’s important to keep travelling to destination which are suffering these terrible natural tragedies as investing in the economy with our tourism pounds will only help these places get back on their feet, but you must make sure that you have adequate travel insurance in place, so that you can get back to the UK safely in the event on an incident or worse still if you are hurt, you can be treated and repatriated.

Get Covered

If you are over 50, it might be worth looking at a specialist insurer like Insure4Retirement as they will cater specifically for this age group. They also have a Crisis Response Service, available with their Ready2Go Gold travel policy. So in a situation like the ones mentioned above, they can give you the advice and guidance that you’ll need. Please don’t let the threat of a natural disaster put you off travelling the world and seeing new places, just make sure you have the right cover in place.

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