Grandparents Day


Grandparents Day

Grandparents Day is on Sunday 2nd October in the UK. Those of my readers who are in the US, your Grandparents Day is coming up a bit sooner than ours, on the 11th September. Perfect time to show your grandparents what they mean to you. Here’s a few anecdotes on why you kids should be grateful for your grandparents.

Grandparents Day

You can tell them secrets that you wouldn’t tell your parents. They will keep your secrets too!

They are always up for fun. Whether that’s den building out of the sofas and some blankets or a picnic in the park. They will do almost anything with you.

Grandparents have some great stories to tell. Even if you think you’ve heard them a hundred times, you’ll want to hear them again and again. Although some stories may not be true. Grandparents like to bend the truth when telling stories to little ones. You have been warned.

Some grandparents have allotments or veg patches in the garden. You can enjoy some of their scrummy fare, knowing they grew this for you personally.

Grandparents are often retired so will have a bit more time than working parents. That means they may let take things at more your pace than your normal routine. They will also have more patience, so they will listen to your stories or songs over and over again.

Grandparents know everything. They are literally better than Google! But again, be wary of whether it’s the truth or a trick aimed at the young ones.

They love to feed you up. It’s all good, home-cooked foods too. And dessert, there’s always dessert.

Grandparents will let you stay up later than your parents will and will also let you eat a bedtime snack.

They’ll always be proud of their grandchildren. No matter how small the achievement, it’ll always be the best thing in the world.

If the grandchildren are feeling a bit under the weather, a day with the grandparents will make them feel a million times better.

There’s really not much you can do to stop your grandparents loving you. But best not to test this one. Just be a great grandchild and you’ll never have to worry.

So bearing those in mind, you should spoil your grandparents on their special day. Our friends over at Chums have put together this fantastic infographic about how you can spoil your grandparents this Grandparents Day. Take a look. What are you going to do for them this year?

Grandparents Day

This is a collaborative post with Chums.

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17 thoughts on “Grandparents Day

  1. I no longer have my grandparents who were definitely less than conventional. They were land lord and lady of public houses for years. They separated when I was only a baby but my grandma went off to travel the world and my granddad went on to run his own pub. He was better at telling you an inappropriate story and buying you a drink. They were both hysterical and great company. My children have all four grandparents (I never met my paternal grandparents) and they love them to bits. I will be making sure they enjoy every minute with them.

    • Sally Sally says:

      They sounds like a couple of characters. What fun! Got to love a grandparent with a bit of unconvention haven’t you Louise?

    • Sally Sally says:

      I think a lot of people feel the same way. Childcare is so expensive, it’s lovely when the grandparents can help. Also it’s nice for both side to spend quality time together.

  2. Such a sweet post! <3 I sadly no longer have any of my own grandparents and I miss them dearly! Luckily my two boys have my mom who is an awesome Grandma! She let's them get away with everything and always has snacks! lol

    • Sally Sally says:

      You are so lucky Rachel. I’m glad that are a part of your boys’ lives. Such a special bond between grandchild and grandparent.

  3. I love my grandparents and I’m really grateful that they are still here and I hope my kids will have that stron bond with their grandparents

    • Sally Sally says:

      It’s so important for them to appreciate their grandparents. Sadly mine have all gone, but I have some treasured memories of them as I was growing up.

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