Hidden Meanings


Hidden Meanings

Flowers have been an important part of my life over the last few months. We moved into a house in the countryside just under a year ago. Moving from a city centre flat. Our new house came with a beautiful garden that the previous owners had clearly loved and cared for.

Over the last few months, I have spent many hours working on the garden, making sure what’s there will grow and flourish. We’ve also added a number of new flowers and plants to the garden. Some Busy Lizzies, a Wallflower, some Lavender and more recently we’ve started growing a sunflower, called Sammy.

Hidden Meanings

Sammy stands almost a metre in height now, growing around ½ an inch a day. It’s impressive. I don’t know about you, but I love the smiley face of a sunflower. They are so bright and cheerful. They are one of my favourite flowers to give or receive. Did you know, what flowers you give or receive can often have hidden meanings to them? For example, give someone some sunflowers and you are giving them happiness. They can also stand for longevity, adoration and loyalty.

I’ve been picking the flowers for my bouquet recently. I’ve got some quite unusual flowers in there, which I couldn’t find the hidden meaning for, but I’ve also some more traditional ones. Some roses, which represent love (very appropriate), freesias which represent thoughtfulness and some germini, which are like large daisies. Daisies stand for beauty and innocence. All lovely sentiments for a wedding day.

You can have a look at what your favourite flower represents in this fab infographic produced by Flying Flowers.

I’m really looking forward to seeing Sammy when he grows into a giant sunflower and I’m also really excited to see what my lovely florist Linda is going to put together with my flower choices for our wedding. So watch this space and I’ll share some photos of my bouquet.

This is a collaborative post with Flying Flowers.

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18 thoughts on “Hidden Meanings

  1. I have been doing tons of gardening lately. It can be so gratifying. I love love looooove bright cone flowers. They are my fav.

    Thanks for linking up to globalblogging,

  2. I love flowers in the garden – especially the giant daisies. Looking forward to seeing your wedding bouquet!
    Thanks for linking up to #AnythingGoes 🙂

    • Sally Sally says:

      Try something quite hard Jaki. If they are cut, carnations last for ages. You only have to change their water on occasion and they are fuss free.

  3. Avatar Catherine Radley says:

    i made my own bouquet, although they werent real flowers so i am not sure they counted! I am also excited to see Sammy a full sunflower haha! #anythinggoes

    • Sally Sally says:

      That’s very talented of your Catherine! I don’t think I’d attempt that myself. You’ll have to keep an eye on my Instagram, I’ll post some more pictures of him on there.

  4. I also love my garden. I started it from scratch when we built our house here in New Zealand. I haven’t had time to care for it lately and it’s driving me crazy. Its so therapeutic.

    • Sally Sally says:

      I know exactly what you mean Liz. There’s nothing better for you than a few hours pottering in the garden.

  5. Avatar Sadie says:

    I’m such a gardening/plant/flowers novice! I made my own wedding bouquet, but it was pinecones with artificial white roses and some other artificial flowers that I don’t even know the name of!
    I love that flowers have a meaning though, that’s a nice thing to be able to say to someone when you buy them a bunch.

  6. I absolutely love my garden. It’s one of my favourite things about my house and I’m so sad we have to move soon. I’m useless with flowers and prefer veg growing but I can still appreciate a pretty bloom when I see it. Sunflowers are so lovely. I think they’re probably one of my favourite flowers. Such a lovely post #globalblogging

    • Sally Sally says:

      Oh no. I hope you are moving somewhere that has an equally lovely garden Nicola. I love growing edible things too. We’ve got strawberries, blackberries and raspberries this year.

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