Holidays With Friends


Holidays With Friends

I’m writing this post from the sunny Algarve where my other half and I are on holiday with six our closest friends. This is our 11th holiday together as a group. We all get on really well and that’s one of the reasons why I love our holiday together and look forward to that week away somewhere hot with some of my closest friends.

For a lot of people, embarking on your first holiday as a group of friends can seem a bit daunting, so I’ve put together some top tips for stress-free holidays with friends.

Holidays With Friends


Have one or two people doing the actual organising and booking of the holiday. Too many cooks is the appropriate saying here. Make sure everyone’s opinion gets taken into consideration, but let one or two people do the booking. That way you know who to go to for queries and who’s responsible for bringing the tickets, arranging the car hire documentation etc.

Be considerate of other’s budgets. Always worth a conversation before anything gets booked. This could have a big impact on where you go and what type of catering options (if any) you choose.

Whilst you are away, be mindful of what others like to do on holiday. In our group, we have a few avid football fans, so we all go as a group to watch the football of an evening on a couple of evenings. On the other hand, those who like the football understand that not all of us like football, so we don’t watch all the games that are on.

Holidays With Friends

It’s always worth finding out how much people like doing on holiday. When my other half and I go away, we like to go and explore the area, but when we go as a group on holiday, we know that it will be a much more chilled affair with a few pool days, so we bring books and card games.

Everyone must do their fair share of cooking (if self-catering) and cleaning. It’s annoying if there’s one or two people don’t pull their weight and make all the mess. Our bunch are very considerate and we all do a little bit as we go along. That way the villa stays clean enough to live in but no one spends too much time cleaning. After all no one really wants to do housework on holiday, do they?

Know when to be sociable and also know when you want some time out. The secret to successful holidays with friends is not to be too precious about doing everything together. That’s great if you do all want to spend every minute of the day together, but most of the time you’ll start getting ratty with each other if you spend every minute together. It’s okay to go and read a book on the balcony or spend an hour in the bath.

All in all, group holidays with friends are a lot of fun. If you go away with people you enjoy the company of, you have ready-made entertainment. We also find that we can book a really large, luxurious property with a private pool and it works out a lot cheaper when splitting it between all of you. You can then have BBQs, parties knowing that the space is all yours and you won’t be disturbing the people in the hotel room next to you.

I’d love to hear your stories of holidays with friends. Has it gone well for you? I’m heading back to our gathering, so I’ll bid you happy holidays.

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12 thoughts on “Holidays With Friends

  1. Sally, we went to Cancun Mexico with about 50 people for a wedding. We chose to stay for 8 days and it was magnificent. We could decide to do things with others or be by ourselves. Each day we would start with coffee on the balcony over looking the ocean, then we would venture to the pool and hang out, usually just Bruce and I, and then have lunch and margaritas at the poolside restaurant. We loved getting to know the locals who worked there as we relaxed. Then in the afternoon some of the others would join us and we’d all have drinks by the pool or sit at the swim up bar and play volleyball or just relax. Then we would dress for dinner or a show. Some days we went to the mall or checked out the area. It was so nice to have time to ourselves if we chose it, do a snorkeling group or go to a show. I loved that we had variety and we had a great time!

    • Sally Sally says:

      That sounds like such a good trip Nikki. I’ve always wanted to go to Mexico and Cancun sounds amazing. Seems like you had the best balance, just the two of you when you wanted some peace and quiet and then lots of people around if you wanted to do something more group focused. Hats off to the bridal party that organised that – 50 people. That’s impressive.

  2. Definitely good to know. I found it’s always good to talk about the budget and likes/dislikes right upfront. Thanks so much for sharing at Merry Monday.

    • Sally Sally says:

      It makes the whole trip a lot easier if everyone is considerate of likes/dislikes and budgets. It can make for a really fun holiday.

  3. We did a holiday this year with another couple not quite a group although we both have two children so there was in fact eight of us in a lodge. It was fab sharing the cooking and cleaning and we were all together in the evening having drinks and playing games while the children slept. I can’t wait to do it again!! #lifelovinglinky

    • Sally Sally says:

      That sounds so much fun! That’s what I love most about it. All being together, doing things as a group. It’s lovely when we have big BBQs as well.

  4. Great tips! I have only been on holiday with friends once and that was to Magaluf when we were 18! It was easy to organise as we all knew we wanted to lie on the beach all days and spend all night drinking. If I were to go away with friends now I would much prefer something like you have described, a villa sounds fab. Love that picture of you all in the pool xx #bloggerclubuk

    • Sally Sally says:

      Oh yes Wendy. I remember those holidays. Although I never went to Magaluf. I did once go to Sunny Beach in Bulgaria which I think it’s a bit like that now. Yes a nice quiet villa with a private pool is much preferred for me too now as well.

  5. Some good tips. We’ve been invited on a group holiday to Centre Parcs with some new parenting friends and we’re in two minds whether to go or not as we’re usually quite solitary characters on holiday. This post makes it seem like a lot of fun thought! #LifeLovingLinky

    • Sally Sally says:

      You should definitely give it a go Suzanne. If you are unsure, you could always get your own accommodation and just do things together. I’m off to Centre Parcs at the end of the year. Hope it’s good. Have you been before?

  6. Great post – I definitely agree with talking about the budget and being upfront about doing things alone or in smaller groups at times. I felt a bit like cabin fever having to spend all my time in a big group in previous holidays! Now we have a 1 year old, we haven’t braved holidays with friends yet as I hate the thought of being a restriction to what my friends would like to do on their holiday away. #bloggerclubuk

    • Sally Sally says:

      I’m sure your friends would love to have you and your little one join them. Everyone love being around kids. It gives you a chance to be a kid again yourself.

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