Jimmy’s Sausage and Beer Festival


Jimmy’s Sausage and Beer Festival

A while back you’ll recall me telling you a friend suggested we go to a Sausage and Beer Festival located on Jimmy’s Farm, in Suffolk. The festival was a two day event running over Saturday 25th and Sunday 26th July. It promised to be full of tasty delicious pork products, scrummy beer, live demonstrations and great family fun entertainment and music.

Jimmy's Farm

So did it live up to their promises?

Yes it did! We had tickets to attend on the Saturday and on arrival we headed straight to taste some of the fare on offer. Some of the group enjoying currywurst and chips and others indulging in a nice bap filled with hog roast, all washed down with ciders and beers from the Aspalls and Adnams tent.

Jimmy's Farm - Adnams and Aspall

Shortly after lunch, we headed across to the market area to have a look at the stalls offering crafts, local food, drinks and more. On our way over to the market, we came across a dog dressed in a hot dog costume. How apt and how cute!

Jimmy's Farm - sausage dog

I like a bit of spice in my food, so in the market area, I immediately headed towards The Norfolk Chilli Farm and chatted to the lovely chaps on the stand there. They were offering tasting of their tongue-tingling sauces. I must admit I was quite taken by their Mango Madness sauce.

Jimmy's Farm - The Norfolk Chilli Farm

After chatting to the stall owners and browsing what was on offer, we headed over to the Shindig in the vegetable garden. This is where the acoustic stage was set up in an old campervan. This was one of the areas I was most looking forward to. After securing ourselves some deckchairs and some fruit ciders from Glebe Farm’s selection of delicious Cambridgeshire Cider, aptly named Side-R. We sat back and enjoyed the music and the flavours on offer.

Jimmy's Farm - Acoustic Stage

I went for the Elder cider which was really lovely. Quite sweet, so not one I would suggest to go for a whole pint of. Within our group, we also ordered the strawberry, raspberry and cherry flavours. They were all superb.

Jimmy's Farm - Glebe Farm's Cambridgeshire Side-R

Although I didn’t know any of the artists on the acoustic stage, I really enjoyed hearing them singing and playing. In particular, I loved the voice of Doug Panton who was the final act of the day on the stage. He was brilliant and we kept shouting encouragement for him to do more songs once his set had finished – which he obliged.

We unfortunately missed the cooking demonstrations, partly due to the lack of timekeeping of the Suffolk taxi drivers (one of our taxis turned up 40 minutes late and one didn’t show at all) and partly due to our wish to see the acts on the acoustic stage, but if we were to attend again, I would like to see these and the sausage eating contest.

So, on to the evening. We refuelled our tummies with some more pork (proper sausage hot dogs and pulled pork baps) and then headed off to the main stage to get ourselves a good spot for the evening entertainment.

Luckily, the sun came out and it had turned into a lovely evening. We were quite fearful of the weather, given the torrential downpours of the night before.

Jimmy's Farm

We were soon greeted by the bop-along tunes of Chaz and Dave, sparking various dance moves around the picnic blankets. The night was topped off by Toploader.

The only downside of the night was the finish of the event. We had been under the impression there was a taxi rank, where we would be able to get a taxi home from. Unfortunately this turned out to be a pick up point for pre-arranged taxis and there was quite a lot of chaos and confusion at the end of the evening, when people were trying to leave. We ended up walking quite a long way along a very dark, national speed limit road to get back on to the main road, as there were no taxis available. An oversight on our part perhaps, but also something for the organisers to look at for next year. I know other festivals put on a bus shuttle to the local train station, which is a great idea as it shows solidarity for the message around not drinking and driving.

All in all this was a great festival and one I would go to again. It was really well suited to all ages and group make ups. There really was something for everyone. Quite well organised and a lot of fun. Well done Jimmy and team on a great event, maybe next year a tad more sunshine though! But who are we kidding, we’re British, we’ll ‘festival’ in 6 inches of mud. Luckily that wasn’t the case.

Jimmy's Farm - Jimmy Doherty

One last thing that really made me chuckle during the day, was the attendance of Peppa Pig. My friends and I thought this was hilarious. We only saw Peppa for a little while, before she disappeared. We wondered whether she had been present in our dinner later on that evening…

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