Kenneth Turner Scented Candles


Kenneth Turner Scented Candles

Close your eyes, let your senses take you to a beautiful manor house. The house is decorated with fir trees, twinkly lights and handcrafted decorations from the days of ould.

You are dressed in a glamourous, swirling ball gown, and are wearing an exotic sequinned, feathered mask. You have a glass of the finest champagne in hand. You are at the season’s most glittering Christmas masquerade ball.

Open your eyes. You are actually at home, but you’ve been transported to this winter wonderland by the scent from your Kenneth Turner candle.  Oh wait, that was just me.

Kenneth Turner Scented Candles

My Kenneth Turner candle is not only one of the best smelling candles I have ever inhaled, but the candle its self is a piece of beauty. The wax is held in a posy vase in iridescent blues, purples and silvers. It reminds me of a goblet, perhaps one I might drink from at the masquerade ball?

The scent is descried as a sophistication of black rose, black pepper and dark cassis nourished with ginger, myrrh, patchouli and amber. I’m not sure my senses are refined enough to pick up all of those, but I can assure you the notes are a perfect combination. My house smells like a beautiful fine fragrance. Once you might save for a special occasion and I’m pleased-as-punch with the candle taking centre stage on my dining room table. Did you notice the leaf detail on the foot?

Kenneth Turner Scented Candles

So if you are looking for a Christmas present that screams sophistication, then Kenneth Turner is your next stop. I have been mightily impressed with the scent. So often I buy a candle which in the shop promises my nose so much, only to burn it at home and be disappointed. I may as well have bought an unscented version and saved myself some pennies. Not with this candle. I can truly smell the divine notes that have been offered up on the box. This candle won’t disappoint.

Kenneth Turner have a range of Christmas candles as well as year-round varietals, including reed diffusers, room colognes, tealights and much more. The packaging of each item is as good as what’s inside.

Kenneth Turner Scented Candles

Anyway, I’m off. Back to the party. Where did I put that champagne?

Disclosure: Kenneth Turner gifted me a Masquerade candle, but as always, my opinions are my own.


9 thoughts on “Kenneth Turner Scented Candles

  1. What a great product to test out! Love this. The candle holder is gorgeous and the scent sounds wonderful. I love it when a scent holds on when the candle is burning, it fills the entire house with such a lovely smell, but not overpowering. And if it can transport me to a lovely place with a blowing breeze and warmth, I’m all in!!!

    • Sally Sally says:

      Yes I’m very pleased to be able to try this candle out for them. I love candles and this one smells sooo good! I love the detailing on it too – they’ve really thought about the design.

  2. I love candles! I generally like Yankee Candles, but I could be persuaded to try one of these as it is so pretty and your description of the smell is brilliant!
    Thanks for linking up to #AnythingGoes

    • Sally Sally says:

      I like yankee too, but sometimes they can be hit or miss whether the smell comes out. There’s no question with these candles, it smells from almost the first flicker of a flame.

    • Sally Sally says:

      The smell is heavenly. I often get so disappointed by candles as they smell so nice in the shop and then when you burn them, they don’t smell of anything. I can burn this one for a couple of hours and it fills the whole house with a lovely smell which lasts for ages.

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