Kindness is one of the greatest gifts a person can receive. It’s one of the easiest gifts to give, but so often is forgotten in a world where everyone is busy and often people can be self-involved.

Oxfam are launching a campaign called #KindnessChangesLives which encourages people to think about others and to kindly donate to help change the lives of people all over the world.

I’d really like you to consider the kindness you’ve given out or received today. It can be such little gestures that go a long way. I think about some of the acts of kindness that are considered to be quite little, but probably mean a lot to people.

When I leave work, it’s raining hard. I see one of my colleagues about to leave who is walking to the train station. I offer them a lift, knowing it’s the opposite direction to where I am going. They arrive at the train station dry. It has only delayed my journey home by 10 minutes. It’s a kind thing to do.

I’m stopping at the supermarket on my way home from work to pick up some ingredients for dinner. I decide to buy a big tub of sweets for my colleagues. It’s impulsive, but I know they’ll enjoy them.

A friend texts me the other night, she says I’ve been very quiet on our group chats. She’s checking up on me to see if I’m okay. I tell her I’m fine, I’ve just been a bit busy. It’s a kind act like this that makes me feel I have special people in my life.

We had a Halloween party the other night, I’d made alcoholic drinks with lychees in them, to look like eyeballs. One of my guests is pregnant. I made her a version with blackcurrant juice and lychees. She didn’t feel left out as she could also have a fun Halloween drink. Again, just little acts of kindness can go a long way to making people feel involved.


What have you done this week? What could you do differently to be kinder to someone? It’s not always the grand gestures, sometimes it’s the littlest things that can have the most impact.

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14 thoughts on “Kindness

  1. This is so wonderful to see. We have one rule in this family: Be kind. So it is so refreshing how nice it is to read this. Smile, hold a door open, let someone in your lane in traffic, share… all things this world really needs right now! Thank you for this post! #dreamteam xo

    • Sally Sally says:

      You’re right Lisa, if everyone just did one extra kind thing a day, then we’d live in a nicer world wouldn’t we?

  2. This is great. I agree that a little bit of kindness can go a long way. Even just simple words asking how someone is can make all the difference. Thank you for the reminder to keep this up. Thank you for joining us for the #DreamTeam xx

    • Sally Sally says:

      You’re right – so important and yet so easily forgotten. We must all try to be kind and it’ll become second nature.

    • Sally Sally says:

      Thanks Lydia – I completely agree. It doesn’t take much to make someone else feel better about their day.

  3. I was thanked for smiling today at a cashier. It made me sad that something so simple was missing from most of her interactions for the day. Paste on a smile, people notice! #AnythingGoes

    • Sally Sally says:

      I agree. I always smile at people, although sometimes people look back at me a bit oddly. Someone once said I smile a little too manic-ly sometimes! Ha ha!

  4. That is so nice. Fully agree. Good to know that a lot of other people thinks like me. I believe practising kindness is the only way forward. In fact as I don’t believe in any higher force, I’d say my religion is kindness. #stayclassymama

    • Sally Sally says:

      Thanks Eva. I’m glad to hear there are some others out there too. As the famous saying goes, it costs nothing to be kind (or is that polite?) either way, it’s good to be both!

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