Long Hair? 25 Things You’ll Identify With…


Long Hair? 25 Things You’ll Identify With…

Long Hair

  1. You have to tie your hair up to eat, especially anything involving a gravy or a sauce.
  2. You laugh in the face of standard size bottles of shampoo and conditioner. 200ml – ha! That won’t even last a week.
  3. You have to stand up at the hairdressers for them to trim your ends. It’s not fair to make the poor stylist squat that low is it?
  4. There is a danger every time you leave your house that you might possibly have got dried toothpaste at the front.
  5. You can go to bed with wet hair and wake up 8 hours later with it still being wet. Go to work, guess what? It’s still wet. People ask you if you’ve been swimming before work. Pah!
  6. You build muscle when you attempt an ‘updo’.
  7. Argos loves you, because you blow up a hairdryer every year with its overuse.
  8. You find hairs all over your house, including places where you think ‘how did my hair get THERE?’
  9. You never take an appointment with a hairdresser other than your usual, in case the alternative thinks ‘you would suit a bob’.
  10. Your hairbrush could be mistaken for a small furry animal, especially if you don’t de-hair it once a week.
  11. When you are conditioning your hair in the shower, you quite often punch the ceiling when running your hands through your hair.
  12. When colleagues make jokes about ‘snipping a bit off’ you run and hide in the toilets and shake uncontrollably for 15 minutes.
  13. If it’s windy, you can’t see anywhere you are walking and risk a hair-to-the-eye-whiplash injury.
  14. You’ll hear ‘wow your hair has got sooo long’ at least three times a week.  But you LOVE it.
  15. You wake up often feeling like someone is trying to strangle you. Oh no, wait, that’s just my hair wrapping its self around my throat during the night.
  16. You have to start your preparation for a night out at least 1 ½ hours before everyone else as it will take that long to wash and blow dry your hair.
  17. The thought of someone backcombing your hair send shivers down your spine.  You know that will take at least 3 hours to brush out.
  18. You danced around the room with joy when GHD brought out their extra-wide straighteners.
  19. It looks like something has nested in your plughole after a hair wash in the shower.
  20. You don’t even attempt a French plait. Your arms aren’t that long that you can get the hair even past your shoulders.
  21. Now you understand why companies advertise two boxes of hair dye for a tenner. Hair that long requires at least 2 for even coverage.
  22. Low water pressure is the enemy.
  23. You own at least 3 different types of brushes and possibly the same again in detangling combs.
  24. You want to kiss whoever came up with the idea of super-strength hair ties.  Flimsy thin ties are no competition for controlling your long, luscious locks.
  25. Your childhood hero was Rapunzel (and probably still is).

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6 thoughts on “Long Hair? 25 Things You’ll Identify With…

  1. I once had a “friend” snip off a bit of hair when she was riding behind me in a car. Suddenly everyone in the back seat started laughing uproariously. Luckily our friendship survived…just.

  2. Yes, yes and yes… mine is down to the backs of my knees and all my children’s friends say they want hair like mine.Meanwhile I am getting wrapped around door handles #brilliantblogposts

    • Sally Sally says:

      Back of you knees! That’s some seriously long hair. I don’t think I could cope if my hair was that long. Do people stop you in the street?

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