Looking Out For One Another


Looking Out For One Another

I work in an office by day and have done for most of my life. It amazes me how people taking working in an office for granted. Most of the offices I have worked in have been really well equipped and well maintained, but there’s always someone in the office who takes it for granted and thinks that everyone else should pick up after them. It really annoys me.

I don’t mean to have a rant in this post, you know that’s not really like me, but I think it’s an important point to make that people should think about others in the work place. Whether that’s making sure that things are put away, keeping the working environment safe for others or even just being kind and considerate when you go about your working day.

Looking Out For One Another

As this really useful infographic points out, there are lots of things that could potentially be a hazard in the workplace but a lot of these could be avoided with a bit of care and attention from those working in the office.

I feel I’m really lucky to work in a nice office space, where we have free tea on tap (that’s definitely a bonus in my book!) and I don’t mind lending a hand to keep the office ticking along as it should. It’s everyone’s responsibility to keep the office tidy and hazard free, there’s no harm in taking a few minutes out of your day to empty the dishwasher once in a while, there’s definitely no harm in speaking to your facilities manager if you spot something that is broken or likely to injury someone. If you don’t speak up, maybe the next person won’t either.

Okay, so all I’m saying is look after one another in your workplace and it’ll be a nicer and safer environment for everyone.

This is a collaborative post with Accident Advice Helpline.

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