Meat Mission


Meat Mission

Sometimes when eating out you just need some real comfort food. Meat Mission offers this – burgers and sides at their finest.

If you are looking for posh nosh and fine dining, you may as well close the page and look elsewhere, you won’t find that at Meat Mission. It makes no pretence. It’s offering great quality burgers and a range of mouth-watering sides. The cocktails are pretty good too. Meat Mission is located at 15 Hoxton Market, just a few minutes’ walk away from Old Street tube station.

We went after visiting Junkyard Golf. There was a group of 7 of us. When we arrived, they did try and squeeze us into a booth. Looking around, most other booths were sitting just 4 or 6 people, so we asked to be moved to a bigger table. After all, no one wants to be cramped when they are indulging in a burger in all its glory.

After a brief interlude at the bar, where we sampled a cocktail, we were seated at our slightly larger table. I had a silver angel cocktail which was priced at £7.50. It was made with vodka, peach & passion fruit and was topped with fizz. It was a good cocktail, but quite short, so I ordered a coke with my meal.

Meat Mission

The menu at Meat Mission is quite simple. They do a range of burgers. You can choose a standard cheese burger, or spice it up with a green chili cheese burger, which has the addition of spicy chili butter. You can even opt for a ‘Dead Hippie’ burger. Which is a double mustard-fried burger dressed with dead hippie sauce. They don’t tell you what dead hippie sauce is though. All the burgers come dressed with pickles, ketchup, lettuce and mustard. I asked mine to be without mustard as I’m not a fan.

They also have a hot dog option, called a ‘Chili Dog’ – a beef frankfurter. A variety of chicken burgers, a halloumi and mushroom burger and a couple of salad options. But if you are going to Meat Mission, you surely have to be going for a burger, not a salad!

Then you can pick and mix your sides. There’s quite a selection. An array of fries options, onion rings, side salad, pickles and mac ‘n’ cheese cubes. I can’t highly recommend the monkey fingers enough. These are hot-pepper marinated chicken strips, served with a blue cheese dip. It’s truly indulgent, but they are heavenly.

Meat Mission

Our food was delicious, the service was excellent. We were told that our burgers would be cooked medium, I would say mine was more pink than medium, so next time I will ask them to cook mine a bit longer. No-one else’s burger was quite so undercooked in the middle, but to be fair I was already pretty stuffed by the time I hit the middle, so I just left the rawest part. The rest of the meal was spot on.

I would highly recommend Meat Mission if you are looking for some good quality comfort food in a great location. The building is quirky with feature stained glass on both the walls and the ceiling. It’s true to its former use as a Christian Mission building. It’s quite dark inside, but doesn’t feel oppressive.

Meat Mission

The bill for two of us came to around £35 including soft drinks, so by no means the cheapest place to eat a burger but I thought it was good value for money and everyone enjoyed their burgers, sides and drinks. I have been before and would definitely visit again.

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    • Sally Sally says:

      Ahh, they do have a couple of veggie options too but maybe not the best place for a vegetarian. Lots of lovely other options in London though.

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