Money Saving Tips


Money Saving Tips

I’ve come across a little site that has some fantastic money saving tips and deals on its website. I love a voucher or a discount, I mean who doesn’t? Who wants to be that person that pays full price for stuff that other people are getting cheaper? is this fantastic site. As I speak they have over 7,000 live discount codes and vouchers on the site and more are being added daily, so there should be something to save you a few pennies.

Money Saving Tips

I personally love a restaurant voucher. If we are going to a chain restaurant, it seems crazy not to go to one that has a discount accompanying the bill by a simple addition of a code. It’s one of my top money saving tips.

Often the discount is only available on food, but that’s okay if you are aware of this in advance. Sometimes it can be a free course, like a starter or dessert or even a set menu that’s at a set price, by using a code. Whichever way it is, you’ll be saving money on your dinner out. Do make sure you check the terms and conditions as sometimes the discounts might only be available on certain days at specific locations. But another handy tip is to have a look at the website as you are out and about, and check just before you go into the restaurant that your voucher is valid.

Transport is another area that you can save moneym whether you’re looking to save money just for yourself or your business a popular way to save is by leasing a car instead of buying one, not only will it save you money monthly when compared to monthly HP payments but according to Intelligent Car leasing you can also save money because of the tax benefits available to you when leasing a vehicle.

Surprise, surprise, another section I like is the travel section. They’ve got some good discounts available on accommodation and travel, which is always helpful as planning and paying for a holiday can be an expensive time. You could look for a discount on everything for your holiday. Right from airport parking, to travel insurance, hotels and even car hire. And don’t be one of those people who changes their currency at the airport. It will undo all the savings you’ve just made. Just do it in advance and you’ll get a much better rate!

Hope you enjoyed these money saving tips. Happy saving folks!

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  1. Awesome I had no idea this existed! I love a little discount on dinner, I normally go to Groupon but haven’t used in a while to be honest, going to check this out now! Thanks for sharing with #stayclassymama!

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