Nail Art Trends – Autumn / Winter 2017


Nail Art Trends – Autumn / Winter 2017

I don’t know about you but I love getting my nails done (or doing them myself!) I have really long, strong nails which look really nice painted. Currently I have my nails painted in a shimmery pink, all except for my ring finger, (and the right hand equivalent) which is painted in a white and silver glitter. That’s in honour of my new wedding ring. I feel it deserves nice nails – well at least for the first few weeks of marriage!

I had my nailed painted whilst I was in Singapore and was amazed at the options available. I thought there was a lot of choice in the places I go to in the UK. There were hundreds of colours, textures and finishes you could have. And that was just the standard colours and finishes, there were many choices of nail art too. From very simplistic designs to really intricate details that would wow even the most hardened art critic.

What impresses me most is when I see beautiful nail art. I love that someone has taken the time, and the smallest of paint brushes and has created a miniature piece of art on their nails.

I don’t think I quite have the artistic ability to do this, but I have friends who do and have been really impressed with their creations. Although I’ve actually never tried, so who knows I might be amazing at nail art.

So in collaboration with Ellisons, who are wholesale beauty experts, I’ve put together a couple of fantastic Pinterest boards with some great nail art trends. What’s your favourite?

I think I may have to think about some Halloween themed nails and then in the lead up to the festive season, something red, gold and sparkly. There’s some great inspiration here. Do you get your nails done? Are you able to do nail art on your own nails? I bet you have an army of friends who want theirs done if you do!

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7 thoughts on “Nail Art Trends – Autumn / Winter 2017

    • Sally Sally says:

      You sound much more creative than me Debbie. I’d love to be able to do even a few of these designs, but then again I don’t have the tiny brushes to do this. Perhaps I should look into this?

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