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Get Fit and Find a New Career At The Same Time

Remember those New Year’s Resolutions?

It’s February, the shortest month of the year which is famous for Valentine’s day and cold weather. February is also the month in which New Year’s resolutions begin to fade, whether it was that promise to find a new job you actually enjoy or simply getting fitter.

We get it, it’s tough deciding to pursue doing something you love, whether it be in your career or a personal goal. Here at The Training Room we pride ourselves in working with people looking to make a real change in their lives meaning that we recognise the kind of support people need to achieve their goals.

Going back to those New Year’s resolutions of getting fit or finding a new job, how would you feel if we told you could achieve both at the same time? Yes it is possible!

At The Training Room we specialise in personal training courses that are designed to make you ‘industry ready’ for a new career as a Personal Trainer.

In other words you can get fit and start your journey towards a new career in a growing industry.

Why The Health and Fitness Industry is Booming

It was recently reported in March 2016 that the UK health and fitness industry grew exponentially, with an increase of 1.9% in the number of fitness facilities and a huge 5.3% increase in the number of gym memberships.

All of this resulted in a 3.2% increase in market value for the industry!

As many people flocked to their local gyms eager to start on their fitness journey, this was equally matched by a growing demand for Personal Trainers.

Careers in the health and fitness industry tend to be vary from full-time, part-time to self-employed, meaning that people can often balance their career as a Personal Trainer with their current commitments.

More importantly, careers in the industry are  desirable to many because of the flexibility they provide when it comes to locations. For instance, if you choose to work as a self-employed Personal Trainer then the world is your oyster – you can work from home, within different gyms or even take your skills abroad.

Start Your Journey With The Training Room

Here at The Training Room we offer our Active IQ Level 3 in Fitness Instructing and Personal Training,an internationally recognised personal training qualification that is designed around your pace of learning and time commitments.

Our Active IQ Level 3 in Fitness Instructing and Personal Training, is also the highest entry level into the industry meaning that you qualify to register on the Register of Exercise Professionals (REPs).

If you are looking to sprint towards achieving your fitness goals while getting yourself industry ready then our full-time Personal Training Course would be the way forward.

Our full-time Personal Training Course is the quickest route into the health and fitness industry which will have you graduated and certified in just six weeks!

We also offer a part-time Personal Training Course, which spans over a period of 6 months, giving you all the necessary time you need to study around your life commitments.

Additionally, we also provide our students the ability to complete our personal training course through e-learning. This can be completed at your own pace in the space of three to six months, although access is provided for up to 3 years.

Whether it be full-time, part-time or e-learning, our personal training courses cover all the fundamentals of personal training.From learning how to plan gym based exercise to nutrition – we’ve got it covered.

Great I Want To Learn More

If you would like more information on our personal training courses then you can check out our website. Likewise, if you much rather pick up the phone and speak to one of our friendly advisors then why not give us a call or fill out our short enquiry form on our website and we will get back to you.

Don’t let those New Year’s resolutions fade away! Start your journey with The Training Room towards your new dream career!

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4 thoughts on “New Career

  1. Great posts – I think my resolutions this year were a non-starter lol. I need to lose weight but I have so much on at the moment, I only really exercise when I’m walking – which is quite a lot as my fit-bit has a lot to report at the end of the day. Lol.

    Thanks for linking up to #AnythingGoes

    • Sally Sally says:

      Walking is one of the best exercises you can get. Don’t under estimate the power of walking. My parents walk miles and miles, have never done any other formalised exercise and still are as fit and young as people 20 years younger than them. It’s all the walking they do I’m sure.

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