Is Your Office Furniture Affecting Your Health?


Is Your Office Furniture Affecting Your Health?

I don’t know about you, but I spend a lot of time sitting in an office chair. I work in an office by day so I spend many hours at my desk on my computer or in a meeting room, also in a chair. I then come home and spend more time sitting, working on my blog. It’s no wonder I feel like I need to get out and about and do something that doesn’t involve sitting down.

Furniture at Work did a survey recently and this survey identified that almost seven out of ten people said their office furniture could be improved. The survey also identified that people felt their office chair should be replaced every one to three years, when in fact in most cases it was replaced much nearer six years!

I must admit, my home office chair is about 10 years’ old, but does seem to be in good condition and doesn’t cause me any backache or discomfort. My work office chair is quite new, only being changed about a year ago as the one before that gave me a backache if I sat in it too long.

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So the question to you is – does your office set up make you feel discomfort in any way?

If the answer is yes, there’s lots of things you can do.

If you work in an office outside of the home, often there’s a dedicated person or procedure to ensure you have the best set up for you. They can provide a whole host of solutions from chairs, to footrests to wrist rests or special mice. Just speak to them about your particular requirements.

If you work at home, you may have to do your own research. You can speak to a professional who will advise you on office furniture set up. There’s also plenty of resources available online which will help you to be most comfortable in your office environment.

I’ve made lots of changes to my office set up to ensure that I look after my posture. I have a laptop at work, so I have a separate keyboard, mouse and screen when I’m based in the office. Otherwise I would be scrunched up over a tiny screen. I also have wrist rests for both my mouse and keyboard, to ease the pressure on my wrists. I find they can ache if I spend many hours on my computer. I also have my chair low so that my feet are firmly on the floor underneath the desk and my screens are set low too, so that I’m not looking up at them. Finally, I have a headset for my phone. I spend a lot of time on conference calls and often take notes during the call. This leaves both hands free to type without cradling a telephone between my ear and shoulder.

What can you do to make your set up better for you?

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Disclosure: This is a collaborative piece with Furniture@Work.

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