Shake Up Your Breakfast Routine


Shake Up Your Breakfast Routine

Are you bored of breakfast? Sick of your breakfast routine of dreary old toast and cereal? Shake things up this year with an arsenal of breakfast recipes to keep you interested in this mealtime. Who knows? It could become your favourite time of the day.

However, it does take more than wishful thinking to change well-ingrained breakfast routines. So, you need to make sure you have some key ingredients on hand as well as a plan for keeping things interesting. Here’s a guide to doing just that!

Key Players
Fresh fruit – a must at breakfast time. Make sure you have a steady supply of bananas, apples, oranges and the odd exotic piece of fruit to keep your breakfast routine and diet varied. The fruit will inevitably become part of most of the breakfast recipes you put together too.

Breakfast Routines

A vegetarian option. Think sausages such as Linda McCartney or Quorn to add in something tasty, full of goodness and a simple way to add in some protein. Eggs are also a great option whether fried, poached, scrambled or boiled.

For vegans, tofu is a good protein source that can be added to lots of breakfast dishes such as tofu scrambled eggs. Depending on the spice level you prefer, you could even add in some hot sauce for a real kick of flavour.

Meat and fish – this will obviously vary depending on the breakfast dish in question but having staples such as sausages, bacon and salmon will see you right.

Going Green
Whether you’re on a health kick or simply want something innocent to break up the gluttony that can be breakfast time, smoothies are a quick and delicious way to fill you up at the start of the day. This option is also great for those who don’t love eating fruit and vegetables but are quite happy to have them in liquidated form.

Good Housekeeping has a great selection of smoothie recipes including this jump-start smoothie:


340g of frozen strawberries
170g of fresh blueberries
170ml fresh orange juice
2 tsp chopped and peeled fresh ginger
85g of plain low-fat yoghurt
2 ice cubes


In blender, combine strawberries, blueberries, orange juice, ginger, yoghurt, and ice cubes. Blend until smooth, scraping down side of container occasionally.

If you’d prefer something a bit more substantial, porridge could be the answer. This three-grain porridge recipe from Good Food has toasted oatmeal, spelt and barley in it and can be kept for up to six months! Perfect as a fail-safe option when you haven’t had time to plan properly.

Pure Indulgence
If you’re looking for something a little more calorific, perhaps as a treat at the weekend, then there’s so much to choose from. A full English is a great option, if you can handle the grease involved!

Breakfast Routine

If not, then how about something yummy (that also appeals to the sweet tooth) like this recipe from Jamie Oliver – breakfast doughnuts.

Giving a nod to America, why not incorporate pancakes into your morning routine? Easy to make and so delicious, you can go very indulgent with lashings of syrup and butter, or stay super healthy with some alternative ingredients and cooking methods. Here’s a handy resource for pancake recipes to keep things interesting.

For an indulgent vegetarian treat, try this recipe for mashed potato, cheddar and chive waffles from Joy the Baker. Bite-sized pieces of loveliness to satisfy the potato and cheese cravings in one! Plus, it’s not too bad as it has chives in…

On the Go
Sometimes, no matter how hard you try, the morning just gets away from you. You plan to sit down to a substantial breakfast that will set you up for the day, but the pull of that extra few minutes in bed, coupled with the distractions of what to wear, if the kids are sorted etc. just gets in the way.

That’s when you need a plan B so you can grab something to have on the go – ready at a moment’s notice. No one wants a rumbling belly!

First up is healthy banana bread – easy to make ahead of time, you can grab a slice to go knowing that you’re eating something packed full of goodness with very little to feel guilty about. This recipe from Cookie and Kate is divine.

Breakfast muffins are also a lovely treat that can be made in advance so they don’t take too much effort to mix up your breakfast routine. You can go for savoury options such as this recipe from Shake Up Your Wake Up for smoked fish and egg muffins (it might be hard to stop after just one), or keep it sweet with whole-grain blueberry muffins, such as these scrumptious on-the-go treats from Real Simple.

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24 thoughts on “Shake Up Your Breakfast Routine

  1. I love the ideas and they are great for the kids. I’m not a fan of most fruits personally, but I’ve always managed to hide this from the children and encourage them to eat as healthily as possible. I don’t even like the smell of bananas. I only like cherries, green grapes, Granny Smith apples, pink grapefruits, and satsumas. I don’t mind a slice of lemon in water also! I really do try with fruit and the children love bananas, mangos, blueberries, strawberries – as well as everything I like, in all honesty, I’ve never heard them state they didn’t like a specific fruit if I’m honest. I think they assume I like them too!

    I wish I did like a wider variety of fruit, however, I do love all vegetables!

    Thanks for linking up to #AnythingGoes

    • Sally Sally says:

      They obviously haven’t noticed! Perhaps it’s because you still eat a few bits? I like most fruits, but not really oranges. I find them too sour most of the time.

  2. Thank you for the inspirational post – I really need to do this, and get out of a toast (with bread) and jam routine, which is really bad for me! Thanks for sharing #BloggerClubUK

  3. I haven’t eaten breakfast yet and after reading this, I’m staving! thanks for the great ideas. Thank you for linking up to #globalblogging

    • Sally Sally says:

      It does doesn’t it. It’s nice to get some new ideas. Hope you enjoy them – sorry for making you hungry.

  4. I’m afraid I stick to porridge everyday and enjoy it. However I am trying to mix up the toppings and also what my children eat for breakfast. They don’t seem as happy with eating the same each day. They love pancakes particularly though. Thanks for sharing some nice ideas #bloggerclubuk

    • Sally Sally says:

      If you love it, then there’s no reason to change. Nice to mix if up if the kids appreciate it though.

  5. Avatar Jo says:

    I was feeling all virtuous as we eat porridge with green powder sprinkled on, or home made muesli in the summer. Yum yum. Until I saw your photo of the full English! I would LOVE one if those right now #anythinggoes

  6. We’re trying to shake things up at ours – this morning I even made Oats! Me! It involved cooking! lol Usually if it doesn’t come out of a cereal box it’s not happening.

    • Sally Sally says:

      That sounds great. It’s really nice to mix up your breakfasts, I don’t know about you but I get bored if I have the same thing too many days in a row.

  7. Love smoothies and shakes in the morning! Bluebarries and bananas or apples and pears mixed with yogurt or milk and then I also add linenseed or oats that fill me up till lunch;). You have listed great and easy recipes that I will def put on my list to try!

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