Springtime Daffodils


Springtime Daffodils

A good friend of mine, Lisa, has provided me with some helpful hints about how to make your daffodils look best this spring.

Got a few daffs in the garden you’d like to bring inside? Here are my top tips for styling!


  • Use an opaque container with a narrow neck- holds the stems in place and hides messy arranging inside!
  • Use some twigs about to burst into flower or leaf to create movement and structure- they can support everything else. I’ve used forsythia.
  • Pop in some foliage- I’ve got just two stems of rosemary in here.
  • Cut your daffs to the right height then stand them in another jar of water overnight- they ooze goo that will harm other flowers!
  • Next day, put your daffs in using the twigs as support. Do not recut the stems- they will ooze again!
  • Place on a couple of pretty books to bring it up nearer to your eyes for maximum enjoyment!
  • Try to avoid heat sources, drafts and sunny windowsills.

Keep checking back for more ideas from this very talented lady. Let me know if you have any specific floristry questions.

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