The Dish by Stella Newman


The Dish by Stella Newman

I don’t know how you feel about custard doughnuts. I don’t really like filled doughnuts and I don’t like cold custard, so they are pretty much a no for me.  After reading the first few chapters of this book, I wanted a custard doughnut (well maybe not a custard one, but at least a filled out). The descriptions in this book are so vivid and well done that it made me want the food being depicted in the story. So this tale is truly delicious and not only because of the food portrayed within.

Laura Parker (aka The Dish) is a restaurant critic and she has a chance meeting with Adam Bayley over a custard doughnut. See that’s where the custard doughnut comes in. The deliciously described custard doughnut.

Anyway, as you would expect, they enjoy a whirlwind romance, but Laura finds out that Adam is head chef at a restaurant she is in the process of reviewing and the food was not good. To top it off, Adam seems like he is keeping a secret himself.

Where will this end up, will Laura end up ruining her career, Adam’s career or both. Will they end up together? Will I ever get a doughnut? You’ll have to read The Dish and find out.

The Dish by Stella Newman

Stella Newman’s writing is brilliant. I love the character of Laura. Her wretched dating record will remind most women of at least one loser they have dated and how glad they are they are to be rid of them. Laura’s sister is a piece of work and adds a great dimension to the character list, as does her best friend Sophie.

I loved this book and would highly recommend it. It’s available to buy in paperback now.

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