The Olive Branch By Jo Thomas


The Olive Branch By Jo Thomas

The Olive Branch is the latest novel from best-selling author Jo Thomas, who wrote The Oyster Catcher.

The story revolves around Ruthie, who after one too many glasses of Prosecco purchases an Italian farmhouse on ebay. She’s looking for a way out after her relationship with her boyfriend ends.

The Olive Branch by Jo Thomas

The novel takes you through the trials and tribulations of her trying to get the farmhouse into a liveable state, battling with things like dodgy electrics, unfriendly neighbours, an unloved olive grove and a territorial goat, that seems to think the property is his.  The goat isn’t the only one. The farmhouse was a family property and the family had no idea that it was sold.

Set in wonderful rural Puglia, the book is beautifully written, the descriptions of the area and the people make you feel like you are right there with them.  Some of the characters you love, some you hate, then love, then hate, then love again.

The Olive Branch by Jo Thomas

Although what Ruthie does sounds terrifying to me and something I’d never do on my own (I’m not even that good with a paintbrush, let alone home DIY) she will definitely be taking her mind off her ex and she will sure to be getting that fresh start she so very much wants.

The book, like a steaming plate of rich tomato-ey pasta, is wonderful and definitely one you should settle down with a glass of Apuglian red wine and immerse yourself completely into. I promise you won’t be disappointed.

The Olive Branch is available to purchase now.

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