Tips For Creating Video


Tips For Creating Video

Did you know that watching video content now makes up half of internet traffic? We all do it. Whether that’s just scrolling past snippets in our Facebook newsfeed or actively searching goat or cat videos on YouTube. We all love a bit of video. There’s so many clever people out there, doing clever things. There’s also a lot of very silly people, doing very silly things. And don’t even get me started on the animals. I know many people who spend a lot of time watching animals doing funny things.

The clever people at Toast TV have put together this super infographic which shares top tips for creating video, including how you should structure you videos, which platforms to use and lots of other useful things. Toast TV specialises in video production, London so they really know what they are talking about when it comes to video content.
Here’s a few snippets to get you started.

Did you know there are different maximum lengths allowed per social media channel? On Snapchat you can utilise up to 10 seconds of video content. Jump over to Instagram and this jumps to a whole minute. If you are using Twitter, you can make your video up to 140 seconds long. But Facebook is miles ahead, allowing up to 45 minutes of video to be used. Wow! That’s a lot of singing goats.

Even though you can use all this time. Is it wise to do so? The research suggests that those watching the videos generally drop off in the first 3 – 7 seconds. You know that though. You’ve done it yourself. You scroll through, pause for a few seconds and then carry on if that content doesn’t immediately grab you. We can be very throwaway in terms of our video consumption. So it’s important to remember that you need to engage your viewer very quickly so that they keep on watching.

One other important fact to remember is, that most video content is watched with the sound switched off. So you need to make sure that your message is either really clear or you need to utilise subtitling to ensure that your watcher knows what you video is trying to portray.

Here’s the full infographic. What’s your top tip for video content? What videos do you most enjoy watching on social media?

Tips For Creating Video

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This is a collaborative post with Toast.

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