Top 10 of 2015


Top 10 of 2015

We’re almost at the end of 2015, so I thought a quick round up of the top 10 posts of 2015 would be in order. Have a browse, stay a while.

10. One of my favourite posts (and clearly one of yours) kicks off the top ten – Long Hair? 25 Things You’ll Identify With… My hair proudly sits just a few inches above my bottom when straight.  It’s grows soooo slowly.

Long Hair

9. Most Curious Rose’s gorgeous homemade Christmas Tree Decoration caught more than a few eyes on the lead up to Christmas.

Homemade Christmas Decoration

8. The Scottish Invasion at London Cocktail Week. What a mighty fine event that was.

Scottish Invasion

7. The delicious Caribbean Chicken Recipe which was part of Caribbean Food Week. We’ve had this dish many times since and it never gets old. Yum!

Caribbean Chicken

6. Top Ten Desigual Dresses for Spring. Oooh, spring will be coming around again soon, I might have to take another look.

Top 10 Desigual Dresses For Spring

5. A showcase of the beautiful villa that became our home for a week in July, Monte Mare in Coral Bay.

Monte Mare, Cyprus

4. Jimmy’s Sausage and Beer Festival was one of the food festivals I attended this year. Guess who was there? Peppa Pig… At a sausage festival! She’s one crazy gal.

Jimmy's Farm - sausage dog

3. Ten Things I Learnt About Cyprus comes in the top three. This wonderful Island is full of surprises. Here’s ten of them.

Halloumi in Cyprus

2. Go Ape is such a fun day out, no matter what you get up to. We’ve been to the Leeds Castle Go Ape on a couple of occasions and it’s brilliant fun.

Go Ape

1. And at number one of the top 10 of 2015… We have the Harry Potter – Muggle Tours. This was a lot of fun and definitely one of the best things to do in London. If you are heading to the capital this year, read on why you should book a tour.

Muggle Tours - Harry Potter Walking Tour

Were any of these your favourites this year or are there any gems that you missed that you are glad to have read now?

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