Unique Presents


Unique Presents

I don’t know about you, but every year feels like another round of the wedding season to me at the moment. It must be my age, but I seem to be going to an endless stream of nuptials. I don’t mind at all, I love a good wedding. Two people tying the knot on their big day, dancing to cheesy music, great company, good food. What’s not to love about weddings? But I often get stuck for ideas on what to get the happy couple.

Not any more! I’ve discovered the ideal wedding present (or anniversary gift) which will melt even the iciest. Enter Papercuts by Twenty Fingers – unique presents heaven!

These gorgeous framed masterpieces are crafted cut outs of important events in your life, leading up to the said event. In my example, our upcoming wedding – when we first met, our first date, when we fell in love and more.

It’s so hard to explain exactly what they are, as my words just don’t do justice to what I think is an amazing piece of personalised art. So here are some pictures.

Unique Presents

Unique Presents

Unique Presents

I’d urge you to have a look at the Twenty Fingers website, as they have a whole host of other designs waiting for you to put your personalised stamp on them. I really like the family tree ones too… and the wedding silhouettes. Oh what am I saying, I like them all.

The frames are really good quality, as are the paper cuts themselves. The process of ordering is really simple. You just list down what you’d like to include when you place your order. The super lovely team at Twenty Fingers send you a proof before you get it cut, so you can check if you’ve spelled your beau’s name incorrectly or if you’ve got your wedding anniversary wrong (oops!)

Then it arrives in the post, heavily wrapped in oodles of bubble wrap, for you to keep or give to your chosen recipient.

I literally love my papercut so much that I keep getting it out of the box and showing everyone who comes to the house. I think the smart meter man thought I was particularly peculiar.

As we aren’t getting married for another 3 and bit months, I haven’t hung it on the wall yet (I don’t want to tempt fate) but as soon as we’ve tied the knot, I’ll get the power drill out and that bad boy is going straight up in our living room.

Have a look at their website and I promise you that you won’t regret getting one as a gift for the next wedding you attend. They’ll be chuffed!

Disclosure: Twenty Fingers offered me a complimentary papercut in exchange for an honest review of their unique presents. As always my opinions are my own.

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12 thoughts on “Unique Presents

  1. That is such a good idea for a gift! I’ve got a wedding to attend next month and had totally forgotten that I need to get a present! Although I wouldn’t mind one of these for myself actually… #dreamteam

    • Sally Sally says:

      Ooh, get one quick. It would make such a good wedding gift. Although you’ll have to do some quizzing so you can find out their milestone dates.

  2. These look so beautiful and I love the personal story that each piece tells. A lovely keepsake gift that shows so much thought and effort has gone into making it. Thanks for sharing with #DreamTeam lovely x

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