Ways of Looking at Monday


Ways of Looking at Monday

A lot of people really don’t like Mondays. I suppose it’s because it’s the start of a working week and they know it’s going to be a hard five days until the weekend again. I actually don’t mind Mondays. I’ve got myself in to quite a positive mind-set about Mondays. So I thought I would share my ways of looking at Monday, to make it a little better.

  1. Relish Mondays as an opportunity to make your week count. Monday is the start of seven days where you can accomplish anything. If you start Monday in a good mood, with a great attitude, your week will fly past. Doing this, will set you up for a wonderful week. Motivation is high on a Monday, make this the day that you set the wheels in motion for everything you plan to do this week. Monday is your foundation.
  2. Monday is reset day. If you didn’t achieve everything you wanted to the week before, you can reset your plans. Start again on Monday. Just be realistic about what you can achieve this week. Monday is clean slate day. The day to start aiming high again and forgetting about anything that didn’t quite pan out last week.
  3. Plan something fun for a Monday. If you are like me and work in an office on a Monday, do something fun in the evening. Don’t restrict yourself to a Friday night, when actually you are probably at your most tired. Meet friends for dinner, book a dance class, get your art materials out and paint something. You’ll be refreshed after the weekend and Monday is a day to do something for you.

    Ways of Looking at Monday

  4. Don’t forget Monday is just one day of the week. Don’t expect to achieve everything (or sometimes, even anything) on a Monday. If you are starting a project, think of Monday as your planning day, your foundation. If you can get Monday right, you’ve got another six days to achieve everything you want. Don’t be downhearted if Monday feels like a waste. You’ve got the Monday stuff out of the way. Now on to the rest of the week.
  5. Really this should be a Sunday thing, but if you take some time on a Sunday (or even early on Monday morning) to plan what you are going to do and where you will be during the week, it’ll make your week easier. If you know you will be travelling during the week, plan ahead. Get your washing all done and packed, clean the house so you come back to a sparkling home. If you are at home, buy all your food shopping for the week and plan ahead so that the week isn’t a chore.

I hope your Monday is all you want it to be this week. Relish Mondays! Remember one in seven days of your life will fall on a Monday so make them count.

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