We’ve Moved!


We’ve Moved!

Sorry I’ve been a bit quiet recently. We’ve had a lot going on here. Finally, we’ve moved into our new house!

The actual move it’s self was very smooth and we managed to get it all done in one day. Most of our furniture was in storage. As you may have read, we’ve been living with our parents for a couple of months, as we sold our flat and whilst we were waiting for the house to complete.

I’m really lucky to have such great parents. They’ve been amazing. I’ve really enjoyed being back to my childhood home and spending time with them. I know a lot of people moan about living with their parents, but not me. I really enjoyed it. And it wasn’t just because I got my washing done and my dinner cooked! Although I did and it was lovely. I called my mum the ‘washing fairy’. As she had most of my clothes washed, dried and ironed back in my wardrobe the day after I washed them. My washing never gets done that quickly!

I digress. So we are finally all moved in. I managed to get most of our boxes and furniture unpacked and assembled in just two days. We haven’t been able to do all the unpacking as we have undertaken decorating three of the rooms. We are making good progress and we have almost finished two of the rooms. Just a couple more coats of paint and then all the furniture can go into place. I can’t wait to have a study. In our flat, I had a huge desk and comfy chair, where I would happily spend hours working on my blog, at the moment, I’m sitting on a stool at the breakfast bar which isn’t ideal.

We've Moved

Our new house is beautiful and we have been very lucky. Not only did the previous owners leave it spotlessly clean, they also had good taste in décor. The kitchen is gorgeous, with glittery mica mosaics on the wall. It looks like fool’s gold in the light. The cupboard are of a very high standard and also quite new. We literally haven’t had to do anything in the kitchen, apart from unpack (and find the tea bags and mugs).

The kitchen leads into a dining room, which has gorgeous bi-fold doors. We have been so blessed with good weather since we moved, so if we aren’t outside, we are sitting in the dining room with the bi-fold doors open. We have a shabby-chic dining table, which I bought on eBay and my Dad and I sanded and painted. I say, we, my Dad mainly did the work on this one! But since we moved in, I’ve also bought a beautiful Ercol Welsh dresser to complete our dining room. I’ve always wanted a Welsh dresser and I’m so excited that I now own one. I think this stems from when I was very young, playing with my Sylvania Families. My favourite piece of furniture was always the Welsh dresser, I loved the way it displayed the little plates. Although I don’t have any posh plates to display on my dresser, I have some other nice bits. Plus also we have plenty of time to accumulate posh plates.

We've Moved

The best bit about our new house is the garden. We had a communal garden at the flat and we never used it. Mainly because it was communal, it never felt like ours. But also because the flat was in a quarry, the garden was almost always in the shade, so it was often a bit damp in the garden.

The garden in our new house is wonderful. It’s south-facing, so we get sunshine all day long. We’ve got a tall silver birch tree in one corner which diffuses the light in the morning. There are blackberries, raspberries and, what we think is a fig tree growing. The lawn is a bit uneven, but that hasn’t bothered me – probably because my other half has been the one mowing the lawn. We have a large patio where we have our garden furniture – also an eBay bargain for ‘doing up’. My Dad and I are also working on sanding and painting these and this time I am doing my fair share of the work. We’ve already finished the table, but I think it’ll take a while to do all the chairs as we have the decorating on the go now. Having a garden has been wonderful. On the hottest days, we’ve sat out and enjoyed our breakfast on the patio. When we had friends round, we enjoyed prosecco in the garden. We also had a lunch for all of my other half’s family on his birthday, the weekend we moved it. It was lovely.

As you can probably tell, I love our new house and I look forward to taking you on the journey of making it truly our own over the coming weeks. Watch this space!

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14 thoughts on “We’ve Moved!

  1. Avatar Iris Tilley says:

    My partner and I have been together 21yrs and have moved 4x The biggest was from Manchester to Southampton then back up north to Chester (10yrs later) lol total nightmare but we lived through it all Well done it’s hard work at times We had a car and a motorbike to bring back (never again!

    • Sally Sally says:

      Wow! You are brave Iris. We only moved a few miles away and that was enough! Glad you survived it too. I’m convinced we are never moving again!

  2. Avatar Tarika says:

    Congrats! Looking forward to seeing more pics and hope you’ll share your decor ideas soon. #lifeloving

    • Sally Sally says:

      Thanks Tarika. Yes I’ll be putting some posts together I hope. I’ve learnt a lot on my DIY journey so far!

  3. More pics please! Need to see the * * * glitter! * * *

    If you like Sylvanian families, go check out the window display at Fenwick’s in Canterbury – took me back to my childhood, its so cute!! <3

    • Sally Sally says:

      Oh wow! I want to go. Maybe we’ll take a little trip to Canterbury this weekend… I’ll defintiely be sharing some pictures of the glittery wall. You can come and see it in person too.

    • Sally Sally says:

      It’s all an illusion Jaki. It wasn’t too stressful, the actual move, it was just hard work. Long days of decorating followed. But we are done with round one of the decorating – thank goodness.

  4. How lovely for you – it sounds just perfect and I’m looking forward to seeing more pics once you’ve settled in and finished decorating.

    • Sally Sally says:

      I’m looking forward to sharing some. We’ve done up a few rooms, but still need a few more bits of furniture to make the rooms complete.

    • Sally Sally says:

      We’re feeling so settled. I’m in my new study which I’ve decorated with glitter paint. It’s awesome. It really feels like home now.

  5. Congrats on the new home! I’m very jealous, we’re yet to move to our forever home but can’t wait for the day I feel the same way about a home. #lifeloving

    • Sally Sally says:

      It’ll be so exciting when you do Kaye. I’m hoping this is our forever home. Mainly because moving is a pain. Ha ha!

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