What We Are Watching


What We Are Watching

I know this blog is all about life loving – getting out and about and doing things, but I think it’s important to remember that it’s also good to have some downtime. Some time just to sit and relax and watch a bit of TV. You can’t be on the go all the time. There I’ve said it. Now if I’m being honest, we don’t watch an awful lot of TV, but when we do there’s some great shows on both normal TV, digital channels and the subscription channels. Here’s what we are watching at the moment.

Marvel’s Agents of Shield

Season five has just concluded and what started out as a bit of a slow season, got really good a few episodes in. There were some serious game changers in this season. If you’ve never seen an episode, then I would see if you can on catch up. The characters are brilliant. Some mentally, some physically but all are completely loveable and the dynamic between them is great to watch. I was worried that this would be to ‘comic-book’ for me, being a Marvel programme, but it’s brilliant.

Stan Lee’s Lucky Man

This has just started back on Sky after two great seasons. The headline actor is James Nesbett and most of the storyline is set in London at its finest, so it makes for great viewing. James Nesbett gets given a lucky bracelet which then leads him down a strange and sometimes dangerous path. It’s compelling.

What We Are Watching


Grand Prix’s have always been part of my viewing schedule. I’m a big fan. So much so, that we have to subscribe to the F1 channel. Race weekends are every one to two weeks at the moment, but there is only one more before the season breaks for the summer. Then it’s back at the end of August. You’d have to be living in a box not to know that British champion Lewis Hamilton is fighting it out with Ferrari’s Sebastian Vettel for this year’s championship. My support is with the home-grown talent.

Designated Survivor

This is a series on Netflix. It stars Keifer Sutherland, formerly of 24, and follows what happens after the whole of the white house is blown up in a terrorist attack. Keifer is the only one who wasn’t at the White House, as he had been nominated as ‘Designated Survivor’ for that day, should that exact scenario happen. It’s very full of American politics and quite jargon heavy, but the stories move on well and it’s a really interesting watch.

Young Sheldon

This is possibly the funniest and sweetest show on TV at the moment. Young Sheldon is the story of Sheldon from the Big Bang, as a boy. It follows him and his family in the 80s and shows them growing up together. The best part about this show is the writing, the characters and their brilliant actors. The storylines are hilarious and the characters interact so well with each other. Missy, Sheldon’s twin sister and Meemaw, his grandmother are particular stars of this show, with their quick-wit one liners.

If you are planning a binge-watch of some of your favourite TV shows, you may consider treating yourself to a new TV. There’s some great bargains to be had.

What are you watching on TV at the moment? I’d love to hear your suggestions of great shows to catch up with.

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  1. I am a huge Big Bang watcher. I was afraid Young Sheldon would ruin it but I keep hearing positive reviews on it. I may have to start watching it. #anythinggoes

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