Why Teapots Are Like Dates


The Perfect Teapot

I don’t know about you, but some of the teas I drink I like to make in a teapot. If I’m just having a cup of English Breakfast or an Earl Grey, a teabag in a mug is fine, but some teas deserve better.

About nine months ago, I started the search for the perfect teapot. My requirements were simple. I wanted an infuser teapot that would hold just enough water for a one-cup serving. I wanted a good quality infuser mechanism, as some of the infusers in the past had ‘leaked’ tea leaves. I wanted a one-cup teapot as this would allow the infusing magic to take place without having to make too much tea. My other half and I often drink different tea, so a one-cup pot was definitely needed.

So the search began.

The hunt for the perfect teapot was a bit like online dating. How I hear you ask. I’ll give you a couple of scenarios.

So you see the perfect match online, the photos look too good to be true. So you arrange yourself a date to visit said teapot to see if the actual teapot matches up to the expectations raised online. When you arrive, either you get stood up or the teapot is below standard and you leave disillusioned and underwhelmed.

This happened on a number of occasions. The search was destined to continue.

On another occasion, I received a message from one of my very close friends.

‘We have seen a teapot for you’.

How exciting. This is the blind dating method of teapot hunting. Again a date is arranged. But again, on this occasion it didn’t work out too well.

If you are like me, you start to question. What’s wrong with me. Am I that hard to please? Are my teapot requirements too high?

You’ll be pleased to hear this story does have a happy ending. On an evening trip to Bluewater shopping centre with a friend, we stumbled across a shop called Steamer Trading Cookshop.

Inside this shop is an Aladdin’s Cave of all wonderful bakeware, utensils, housewares and more. I was in heaven.

Upon reaching the second floor, I spotted a whole shelf displaying teapots of all shapes and sizes.  I ran to the shelf and began hungrily scanning the selection.

There she was…

The most beautiful, perfectly proportioned infuser teapot that ever lived.

She was perfectly sized for one large cup of tea, her infusion basket was closely woven to avoid tea leaves escaping and most of all, SHE WAS PINK! A pink infuser tea pot to live in harmony in my picturesque pink kitchen.

My nine month search was complete. I had found my perfect match and it was at a time when I wasn’t even looking for it. So just like dating, sometimes you can find the one even when you aren’t looking.

I should extend my thanks (and probably my apologies) to the lovely lady and chap working in Steamer Trading Cookshop in Bluewater.  They were so helpful and terribly polite when I was gushing about the teapot and how long my search had gone on for. Although I expect by their reaction and their encouragement, they also love matching people with their dream kitchenware partners. They are the cupids of kitchenware and damn good at it!

Here’s a picture of us together. It’s a match made in heaven.


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12 thoughts on “Why Teapots Are Like Dates

  1. Avatar laura says:

    Oh the hunt for a proper teapot! My godmother always makes the shop try them out in store to check the pour. I thought she was nuts when i was younger and now I totally understand it! You found a beauty 🙂

    • Sally Sally says:

      Your godmother is a genius Laura. I never thought to check the pour but luckily she pours well. Yes as you get older you appreciate teapots more. Thanks for your lovely comment.

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