Austin – Month 1


Austin – Month 1

Our baby is just over a month old. I expect a lot of people would say that the month has flown. I’m not so sure. It’s definitely not gone slowly, but I feel a lot has happened in a month. We’ve gone from a family of two to a family of three and all the adjustments that come with that.


Austin started off as a good sleeper. The first three weeks I managed to get 8 hours a night, obviously, it was broken sleep. I was woken up for nappy changes and feeds, but he pretty much would go straight down after and go back to sleep. He also fell into a routine which would allow us to put him down for bed between 7pm and 8pm and he would generally go until 10/11pm, then again until 2/3am and finally waking up between 7am and 7am. I felt quite blessed as a new parent that our child would actually sleep and in his own Snuzpod crib. He also took regular naps during the day. Normally a short one around 10am, a longer one at lunchtime and another nap at any time from 4pm – 6pm. Those first three weeks I got a lot of other things done whilst he was napping.

Our Baby

The last couple of weeks have been a different story. For one, the weather got a lot hotter and two he started to enter a development leap. He still slept, but it was much more erratic. Some nights he wouldn’t go down for an hour or so and required a long cuddle before he would settle. Sometimes he would fight the need for a day time nap, meaning he was clingy and grouchy for an hour or so. I just took the opportunity for cuddles and to sit on the sofa watching Big Bang Theory re-runs. Let’s see how he copes now the weather has cooled down.


I decided I would give breastfeeding a go. So far, so good when it comes to feeding. He seems to latch well and he seems content after most feeds. I’ve been able to express some milk so I went out for a meal with friends towards the end of the month and my husband gave him an expressed bottle whilst I was gone.

Towards the end of the month, I felt that he wasn’t that satisfied after some feeds and where he was waking more quickly during the night, I decided to give him a bottle of formula at the 10/11pm feed. He now has 5oz before he goes to bed and 5oz at his 8/9am feed and then breastfeeds in between. Breastfeeding is super convenient. I don’t have to worry about making formula whilst we are out, just pop him on the boob and go. At first, I found it draining, he was constantly feeding and my nipples were sore. But perseverance and lanolin have helped and we have no issues now.


Oh wow. Nappies have been the constant feature of my conversations. I knew newborns went through nappies, but I’m sure they are supposed to slow down as time goes on. Some days we were getting through almost a whole packet (24 nappies!) He hates a wet nappy, so starts grizzling as soon as he has had a wee. He also likes to do a poo separately from the wee, so we enjoy many changes.

He also often wees whilst we are changing him, so we have to be pretty quick with some tissue or a wet wipe. I’ve already had to treat the carpet for a very impressive long-range wee and the walls have been sprayed with wee many times. Thankfully we painted them yellow! Towards the end of the month, I found that we were having less mid-change wees which was better but the volume of changes hasn’t decreased yet. On the plus side, I won’t change him anywhere other than the changing table (due to the mid-change wees) so I’m getting in lots of steps going up and down the stairs many times a day. Good for the post-pregnancy toning.

Mental Development

Austin seemed very alert from day one. When he’s awake, he’s awake and looking around taking everything in. He loves looking at contrasting items, for example, unusually shaped picture frames on our light coloured walls.

Austin also loves looking at faces. He stares quite intensely at people. He does excellent grumpy and confused facial expressions and towards the end of the month, we did get a few real smiles – not just wind or I’ve finished a lovely meal of boob milk. But he’s not a beaming baby at this stage. I’m hoping that this will come as his smiles are adorable and I want more.

Austin - 1 Month

Towards the end of the month, he was able to track moving items, so when we were playing with toys he followed them when I moved them. He also adores his cot mobile, watching it for a long time and grunting when it stops moving and playing music, like he knows I can wind it back up.

Austin - 1 Month

Physical Development

Austin hasn’t put on much weight. Also one of the reasons I’ve started supplementing his feeding with some formula. At the last weigh-in, he was 9lb 2oz. His birth weight was 8lb 12oz. But the clinic wasn’t concerned as he seems well in himself and he is putting on some weight. They’ve just suggested we monitor it with regular weigh-ins. After birth, he dropped just 6% of his body weight, but that did take him almost a month to gain it back.

He’s physically much longer than when he was born, I’m guessing he’s not only growing but he’s stretching out from his previously curled up foetal position. He’s almost the length of his Moses basket, which we use downstairs, so I’m going to have to look at other options.

He’s got a very strong neck and is good at tummy time. Lifting his head and switching it from side-to-side. He can support his head for a few seconds as well.

Austin - 1 Month

It’s amazing how far Austin has come in just one short month. Stay tuned for more developments!

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  1. Such a little cutie! Congratulations. Lovely to be reminded about the early days (which I can barely remember with any of my three 🙁 ) Thanks for sharing these special memories with us over at #globalblogging

  2. Ahhh isn’t he adorable. It’s so lovely seeing the little changes in the first couple of months. So many gorgeous photos 🙂 Thank you for sharing all the cuteness with the #DreamTeam and congratulations on such a beautiful babe. xx

  3. Oh, it’s been lovely reading about your babies first month. It’s been a long time since any of mine were that small. He’s a real cutie.

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