Baby’s First Kicks


Baby’s First Kicks

Was it, wasn’t it? That very question has probably crossed the lips of every Mum-to-be. You’re anywhere between 16 to 24 weeks pregnant and you think you’ve felt your first kicks. Perhaps this isn’t your first baby, so you’ve felt a few flutters before then? I was 22 weeks when I got my first kick, well the first kick I was certain of. There could have been some flutters before that, but it also could have been food moving around in my tummy – who knows?

The first kicks from my first baby are one of the most astounding things I’ve come across (so far anyway). I’m sure they’ll be a lot of things with our baby that will blow my mind in weeks, months and years to come. But for this moment in time, I am struggling to put into words how it has made me feel. It made being pregnant very real, in a really good way. I think because it’s hard to get your head around there’s a real live human being inside of you, when you can’t hear it, feel it see it or touch it. The baby only exists because you peed on a stick, the doctors told you it was true and you’ve seen some black and white pictures on a screen. Those things take a lot of sinking in to make them real.

A kick, however, makes it very real. There’s something happening to your body that you can’t control and that little tiny human is sending you messages to say ‘hello I’m here’, or ‘I’m awake’ or even, ‘I’m having a nice stretch’.

Our baby has very quickly got into a routine with its kicks. The baby normally wakes up and starts a few gentle kicks around about the same time I do, between 6 and 7ish in the morning. He or she stays pretty active until around 11 – 12 noon. I can feel the baby turning around, doing somersaults, kicking me all throughout the morning. The afternoon is when baby is clearly having a chill-out. I generally don’t hear a peep out of the baby until the evening, perhaps anywhere between 8pm and 11pm where he or she will have another burst of activity. Only stopping when my husband puts his hand on my stomach (much to his annoyance!). Baby then seem to chill out again, sometimes giving me a boot sometime between 2am – 4am, just to make sure I’m not having too much of a good night’s sleep!!

People have reported that babies often have patterns in the womb and these can often be similar to what the baby does once he or she is born. We’ll have to wait and see. But if that is the case, apart from the 2 – 4am awake period, I’m okay with this. I tend to have the most energy in the morning, so maybe the baby takes after me. I can’t wait to find out. Fingers crossed this little one is a good sleeper, like my husband and I. But I’m sure we won’t be that lucky. When did you feel your first kicks? Did your baby settle into a routine before they were born and did that mimic what kind of routine they went into once they were born?

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4 thoughts on “Baby’s First Kicks

  1. I went through the same confusion – was it a flutter or a kick? It’s the most beautiful feeling in the world, knowing my baby was growing inside of me. Congratulations x #AnythingGoes

    • Sally Sally says:

      I know exactly what you mean Rosie. It feels like a miracle that there’s this little person growing inside. Just magic.

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