Improve Your Mental Well Being


Your Mental Well Being

There’s lots of ways you can improve your mental well being. I’m going to share with you today my top five tips around this topic. I’d love to hear yours too!

Believe in yourself

So many times I have come across people who aren’t happy simply because they don’t value themselves. Everyone has something good about them. So work out what your values and skills are and start believing in them. Perhaps you are kind? That’s a great attribute. Maybe you are a great cook. That’s a skill a lot of people would love to have. Whatever it is, embrace it and be proud of you.

Spend time with people

Loneliness is bad for you. It’s a fact. People who spend too much time alone are overly self-critical and can become self-involved. Go out, spend some time with friends or family. Invite people around for a cuppa tea. Whatever you choose to do, do it with someone else. You’ll enjoy the interaction and also it’ll take the focus off you and your problems. Just enjoy being! Plus also enjoy being in company.

Improve Your Mental Well Being

Spend time with the RIGHT people

Just following up from the last point. Make sure that you are spending time with the people who make you feel good. Don’t be spending all your time with negative nellies. It’s important to be there for your friends and family when they are having a hard time, but don’t just be their sounding boards. If they aren’t able to spend time with you in positive manner, break up your social schedule with people who are. Don’t know any people like that? It’s time to take up a new hobby or join a class. You’ll soon make friends and they will be less likely to expect you to support them emotionally all the time.

Do something for someone else

There’s nothing better for putting your own life into perspective than seeing what others face. Maybe you have a friend who’s having a rough time and could do with some help. Maybe you could volunteer at a local charity. Whatever it is, helping someone else will give you a mental boost of well-being, as well as them. There’s nothing like helping others, especially when it helps you too.

Don’t focus on the past

We all do this from time to time. Whether that’s remembering when times were easier, or looking back wishing we’d said something different in a conversation. However you slice it, you can’t change what has been said and done. Overly focusing on the past won’t change the future. It’s important to learn from mistakes, so that we do not repeat them, but focusing on what’s gone may make us miss what is in the present. Be present, be active and make your current situation one that you’ll look back on with happy thoughts.

You can also reach out for some professional advice. Why not look up some online therapy here? What would you add to this list to improve your mental well being? What tricks do you have up your sleeve that makes you feel and be better every day?

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    • Sally Sally says:

      Thanks Maria. Sounds like you’ve got it spot on. I love to hear of people with positive attitudes.

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