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Stunt Driving

My friends got me an experience voucher for my 30th birthday, which would allow me to book one of a number of activities.  They know I like to give things a go and thought this was a great idea to try something new – I agree it was a wonderful present.  I decided to try my hand at stunt driving.

I booked up a half a day session with Stunt Drive UK. The course was called ‘The Works’ and this turned out to be one of the best activities I had ever taken part in.

Doughnuts and J-turns

The day started out with a lesson in how to do doughnuts in a Maxda MX5. This was a lot of fun! Although I was quite nervous to start with, I got the car spinning around, making a lot of noise and with a lot tyre smoke.  I stayed in the MX5 for the next stunt. This was a J-turn.  This involved reversing really quickly and spinning the steering wheel so the car turned round quite sharply, then straightening up again so that you could drive straight on, akin to what you might see on a James Bond film.  With a bit more confidence in the car, I did manage to successfully get the car turned around and facing the right direction, although maybe not as slickly as the martini-drinking maverick might have done.

Stunt Driving

Gearing up to do ‘doughnuts’ in the MX5

Handbrake turns and speed parallel parking

A quick change of car into a new mini lead to me executing handbrake turns, which I can’t say I completely mastered.  On from there, it was speed parallel parking. Something I was pleased to find out I was a natural at.  On my first go I managed to get the car spun around and between the two cones almost perfectly.  It wasn’t a fluke, as I also did this on my other runs during the day.  I haven’t yet had the courage to ‘practice’ my newly discovered talents in my work’s car park, but one day I might be brave enough (I’m sure much to my colleagues dismay).

Parallel Parking - Stunt Driving

Perfect parallel parking

Driving on two wheels

The final part of the day involved an older mini and driving this on just two wheels.  No mean feat!  We watched a demo, where the expert kept the mini on two wheels the whole way down the course, but I can tell you that it’s almost impossible and I barely managed 2 seconds.  Although I didn’t master this particular skill, I did enjoy being on two wheels and driving a tiny mini onto a ramp to tip it on its side.

Two wheeled driving - stunt driving

Driving on two wheels in the mini

Overall the stunt driving day was really fun and very well organised.  The people running the day were really friendly and I thoroughly enjoyed myself

For more info, visit Stunt Drive UK, but also keep an eye out on the voucher websites as they often run deals on them for their experience days.

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