Let’s Race


Let’s Race

Ever wanted to try your hand at driving a Formula 1 car? I got the chance recently. When I changed job, my lovely colleagues got me a voucher for two people to try out an F1 racing simulator. So, my ever-patient husband was dragged off to Surrey where this voucher could be redeemed.

Let’s Race tells you that you can experience full motion F1 racing with their simulator cars. I was intrigued but also a bit scared. My last experience of simulators didn’t end well as I felt very sick. But that was a very long time ago.

We arrived and a chap briefed us on how it all worked. There were only us two racing on the session we’d booked, so I got the choice of track, which I chose Canada. It’s one of my favourite tracks.

So we entered the room with all the cars. It was really impressive. A room full of racing car cockpits. The cars had steering wheels, pedals and three screens. It was a bit intimidating but I was ready to get going.

Let’s Race

Let’s RaceLet’s Race

We hopped in two of the cars and we were giving a couple of instructions and then we were off for a practice and qualifying. I was very impressed with the feedback that the car gave. If you went over the gravel you knew about it. Accelerating and decelerating was great too. I felt very comfortable in the car and soon was wholly concentrating on getting round the lap as quickly as possible.

Let’s Race

After our 15 minute qualifying, we were then set up for a race. I had the fastest lap from qualifying so I got to start on pole position. For those of you who know nothing about racing, that’s position 1!

The race was really good fun and I ended up getting some good laps in without running off the track too much. Same couldn’t really be said for my hubby. I met him going the wrong way around the track, he also said he flipped his car a couple of times. Lewis Hamilton he ‘ain’t. He said he found the simulation experience on the car – the movement – too much, so asked for it be turned off. I loved it, but it’s good to know that’s an option if it makes you feel a bit queasy.

So needless to say I was crowned the Let’s Race winner of that session. We had a quick podium and then we set off back to Kent in a normal road car.

Let’s Race

The race experience we booked was £34.95 per person and it was a lot of fun. It would have been a bit more fun with other people to race against, as there were only two of us, but funnily enough, I know a few more F1 fans, so we are more than likely to be back for another go with a bigger group.

Let’s Race would be great for a group day out, birthday party or just something a little different to do. A great idea for the F1 fan in your life. It’s a lot cheaper than a driving experience too, so may be more budget friendly!

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    • Sally Sally says:

      It was awesome Jeremy. Yes it’s a really reasonably priced gift. Ideal for the F1 fans out there.

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