Love Your Garden More


Love Your Garden More

As you know, I love being out in our garden. I’ve been working hard on keeping it relatively tidy and so that our flowers and fruit will grow again this year. So far, so good. One area of our garden which is looking pretty tired is the patio. I’m guessing this was laid some time ago by the previous owners and some of the concrete around the slabs is starting to come loose. We’ve also got some (very pretty) weeds growing in a few areas which I keep having to pull out. That’s no mean feat when you are almost 9 months pregnant.

So we’ve said at some point we’d like to lay a new patio and give the garden a real boost. So we’ve been having a look at some ideas on what we could do. Looking at some of the garden paving options at Marshalls, there are quite a few designs which have caught my eye. We’re lucky in some respects that the garden in relatively level and doesn’t require any steps up or down to the lawn. We also wouldn’t need anything like a pedestal option, but these guys do offer this.

Our patio simply runs alongside the whole of the back of the house. We’ve got glorious bi-fold doors coming off our dining room, these open out on to the patio and then this runs all the way along to the back door and to the back of the attached garage.

I really like the look of the Symphony Natural stone in senna. It’s a lovely light colour so would open up the patio area and it’s low maintenance.

Love Your Garden More

I also like the Fairstone Antique Alverno in golden sand, multi. It’s a really natural looking finish and I think would look lovely in our garden. It’s not necessarily the most polished of finishes as it has a distressed look about it, but I think it would suit our garden well as sometimes our garden can look a little wild!

Love Your Garden More

For something a little more polished looking, I would think that the Fairstone Slate Casarta would give the modern look to our garden. The colours are quite dark, so I’m not 100% sure it would suit our garden, maybe this would be suitable somewhere a bit more urban – we’ve got a lot of green and flowering.

Love Your Garden More

One of my absolute favourite looks is the Fairstone Granite Eclipse in Amber. This looks modern but without being too modern for our house and garden. It will be great for our growing family, as it’s non-slip and we do tend to get a bit of rain here!

Love Your Garden More

So here’s another project on our house and garden list. But this one may have to wait for a little until we are settled with baby. But until then at least I have some good ideas on what we’d like to do when we get the time. It would be lovely to get the whole garden, including the patio looking ship-shape, especially as our new BBQ arrived yesterday. Our current patio is really showing its age.

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