Seventh Heaven, Corfu


Seventh Heaven Cafe, Corfu

On one our days out exploring Corfu we drove to Logas Beach in Peroulades, which is on the very north-west of the island. If you know the geography of the island, it’s very near to Sidari.

We drove through Sidari and were very sceptical of what we might find. Sidari it’s self is very touristy, there were lots of neon lights and tacky looking restaurants. I hear there is a great beach at Sidari and it’s good for a lively night out, but perhaps not for us on this particular holiday.

We were in search of a place that had been recommended to us by the lovely chap from our car hire company, Royal Car Rentals. It was called the Seventh Heaven Café. He said the sunsets were really spectacular and the place it’s self was very nice.

We arrived and parked up in the land nearby, overlooking the cliff edge. It wasn’t very busy, but it being October, I suspect that was why.

The venue is really pretty and well laid out. It covers a really large space and there’s a hexagonal bar in the middle.

Seventh Heaven, Corfu

Dotted around the bar there are a variety of table and chair set ups. We chose one, right overlooking the cliff edge which were actually swings.

Seventh Heaven, Corfu

There’s also a restaurant there, we didn’t stop to eat but there were other people enjoying an early dinner and it looked lovely.

There’s also a viewing platform where you can stand and look down on to the actual beach. It’s a long way down!

Seventh Heaven, Corfu

If you had wanted to, there are steps all the way down to the beach, we were feeling a bit lazy so we just stopped for a cool cola and enjoyed the view.

Seventh Heaven, Corfu

The vibe there was very chilled. I have heard they have some great music nights there. I’ve also heard they have hosted weddings there. It must be amazing to have your reception at such a wonderful place with such stunning views.

Unfortunately our visit didn’t coincide with a spectacular sunset, but I have seen on their Facebook page some really amazing photos of the sunsets and also a couple of the storms.

Seventh Heaven, Corfu

If you are travelling to Corfu and want to explore the north-west of the island, you should definitely plan to be at the Seventh Heaven Café at sunset. I’m sure you won’t be disappointed. I’d love to come back to Corfu in the summer months and visit this place again for one of their music nights and the summer sunset. I suspect it would be awesome.

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10 thoughts on “Seventh Heaven, Corfu

  1. This place looks amazing, shame you didn’t get your beautiful sunset but I can just imagine how amazing it would be there! You have me hankering after a holiday now! 😉

    Thanks for linking up to #PicknMix

    Stevie x

    • Sally Sally says:

      It was amazing. Yes it was a shame it wasn’t a perfect sunset kinda evening, but we enjoyed the view anyway. Ooh yes! I’m always feeling that way. I love holiday planning.

  2. Sally, you are the best, I’ve become quite the world traveler living vicariously through you. This looks like a really enjoyable trip, and I would love to see it in season too. I love the swing seats at the restaurant, so fun! And the view is magnificent!

    • Sally Sally says:

      I’m glad you are enjoying the travelling. It’s been a really fun year full of lots of trips, we’ve been very lucky to have so many trips away. The swing seats were so fun, I’d love to have some in the garden (when we get a garden!)

  3. Sally, Corfu sounds like fun! I’ve never been actually. That sunset spot must be amazing and the views are stunning! I prefer to go to those places during mid season, when there are not many tourists. Here, in the South of Spain it gets crazy in July & August, so I can imagine it being like that there. Good time to go in October. You look like you had so much fun!!! 🙂

    • Sally Sally says:

      Oh I can imagine Katrin. It always amazes me how a lot of tourists can make a really special place, less magical. But then I suppose that’s life isn’t it? Yes I’ve been looking through their Facebook page and they’ve caught some amazing sunsets (and a few pretty cool thunderstorms) on camera. What a set of photos for them!

  4. I see y ou were in my neck of the woods. Hope you enjoyed yourself. You definitely look like you were having a nice time on the swing. October is a great time to go because it is not full of tourists and yet the weather is still nice. I know that even now people are going swimming in my area. Did you have a chance to go swimming?

    • Sally Sally says:

      I was indeed Mary. I loved it. I thought that too about October. There were quite a lot of mosquitos (I read that is typical of that time of year) and they loved me. So I had to get some bug spray. But it was so relaxing not being among crowds of tourists. The weather was mostly nice as well.

    • Sally Sally says:

      They were a lot of fun to sit on, although quite high. I’m quite tall so I was surprised how hard they were to get on to in the first place Hayley.

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