Snüzpod Bedside Crib


Snüzpod Bedside Crib

After speaking to my mummy friends, it’s clear to see there’s been a massive rise in people using bedside cribs. My mummy friends who have older children didn’t use a bedside crib, frankly because they weren’t really around and weren’t readily available, and those who are recent parents have all pretty much used them and swear by a bedside crib.

We did a lot of research before deciding what sleeping options would be best for our little one. We’ve decided on a Moses basket for downstairs naps and a bedside crib for when we are in bed and baby is asleep in the same room as us. One brand kept popping up over and over again during our research – Snüzpod.

Look and Size

First of all the Snüzpod is a very attractive looking bedside crib, coming in a variety of colours. Our bedroom is white and wood, so we had a couple of options that we thought would look nice. But we went for the ‘natural’ coloured one. But there are plenty of options, including greys, espresso and a dark one called luna. Ideal to fit into any bedroom scheme. So tick. The Snüzpod bedside crib looks good.

Size of crib was super important to us. Our bedroom isn’t huge. It might be something to do with my husband filling our master bedroom with musical instruments but we actually sleep in the second largest bedroom. It’s actually a much nicer room which gets beautiful morning sun. But on the downside, it’s a bit smaller and we would struggle to get a large cot in the room, plus still be able to move freely around the bed. So we thought the Snüzpod bedside crib would be the perfect fit – and it is.

Snüzpod Bedside Crib

The Snüzpod 3 is actually slightly wider than its predecessor. Meaning that baby will be more comfortable than before. The dimensions are 100cm long, by 49 wide, by 95 high. It’s ideal for babies up to about 6 months (or whenever they can sit up unaided – whichever is sooner).

Feeding Benefits

The big benefit of the Snüzpod bedside crib is the access it gives to baby. Once you are in bed asleep, if baby needs feeding, it’s as simple as zipping down the side and you can lift baby out easily. It’s particularly perfect for Mums who are planning on breast-feeding for this very reason but shouldn’t be ruled out by those who are bottle-feeding either. I know this is a contentious subject, but having a bedside crib is, without a doubt, safer than co-sleeping. Because baby has its own protected space. It also gives great peace of mind to Mum and Dad as baby is just there.

Snüzpod Bedside Crib

We’ve only got a few weeks left until our baby will be born and I can only imagine those first few nights are a mixture of nervousness, excitement and exhaustion. Every time you look over at your sleeping baby, you want to be reassured that they are still breathing and the Snüzpod will give you that peace of mind. So even if you aren’t actually asleep in your own bed, you are still resting. The material on the Snüzpod has dual-view breathable walls, which is another added peace of mind. The material is also hand-washable, should you need a clean up after a little accident. Phew!


Although we have a little Moses basket downstairs, there’s actually no reason why we couldn’t use the Snüzpod in different locations. Weighing in at just 4.1kg, the bassinet part lifts off the base easily and can be carried to another location for baby to be popped in for a snooze when needed.

Reflux Tilt

Another great feature is the reflux tilt foot that can be added. On arrival, the crib has to be assembled. It’s really quite straight-forward and took us no time. I’ll be honest, it took us longer to decide which bedding set to get than actually to put the Snüzpod bedside crib together! But that’s off the point. So we assembled it without the reflux foot tilt as we aren’t sure at this stage we’d need it. But if your baby doesn’t suffer from reflux, you can add the extra foot and it will help by gently reclining them at one end.

Snüzpod Bedside Crib

I really don’t have a bad word to say about the Snüzpod bedside crib. It seems the team behind this have really thought about what new parents need from a cot for their little ones for the first 6 months. Obviously, we haven’t tested it with our little one yet, so watch this space. We’ll share whether him or her sleeps well in the crib with you all, but I don’t think there’s anything that Snüzpod could have thought of and added to the design that isn’t already part it!

Snüzpod Bedside Crib

The Snüzpod 3 bedside crib is available to purchase directly from Snüzpod and currently costs £199.95. You’ll need to purchase bedding separately and I’d highly recommend the waterproof mattress cover too, as it will looking after the mattress that comes with the crib.

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Disclosure: This is a collaborative post with Snuzpod. They sent us a Snuzpod bedside crib. But as always, my opinions are my own and we think it’s great!

6 thoughts on “Snüzpod Bedside Crib

  1. Avatar Jenny says:

    We bought one of these for our third. I wish that theyd been around for our 1st two. Issac slept really well in it and it was sooo much better than having a moses basket next to the bed

    • Sally Sally says:

      I agree Jenny. They seem to be much more functional than a Moses basket. I’m looking forward to trying ours out.

    • Sally Sally says:

      It’s really high quality. I’ve heard so many good things about how well baby sleeps in them, I hope our little one loves it.

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