Three Amazing Things About You – Jill Mansell


Three Amazing Things About You – Jill Mansell

I’m a big Jill Mansell fan and when I realised she had another book coming out, I was really keen to read it.

The intro on the back of the book sends out a warning, this one is going to be a tear jerker.

Jill Mansell - Three Amazing Things About You

The main character of the book is a Hallie, who is suffering with cystic fibrosis. She struggles to breathe and in turn this means she struggles to do many things that a normal young woman of her age would do. She is living her life on the sidelines and to top it off, she’s in love with her gorgeous doctor.

In a separate vein, we follow the life of Flo, who works in a residential home and is guardian to a cat that has been left to her in a will, much to the disgust of the unlikeable Lena. The guardianship of the cat comes with other clauses that Lena isn’t happy about and this story unfold throughout the book.

The final set of characters are the totally headover heels in love, Tasha and Rory. She is referred to as ‘bin-girl’, which you’ll find out why in the first part of the book, but this twosome are so loved up it’s a little sickening (even for a romantic like me), but as we all know with every good book,  there’s going to be a twist.

Inevitably, the worlds of the main characters will collide and I don’t want to ruin the story but this is a story of organ donation, so you can guess what’s coming.

I loved all the characters in this book, I even enjoyed reading about the awful Lena and Giles. Jill’s written this one beautifully and I could really imagine the story playing out in the village where Hallie lives.
So why is the book called ‘Three Amazing Things About You’? You’ll have to wait and see, I’m not going to ruin all the plotlines in this book but it’s a great part of the story and is integral to how the lives get intertwined.

Although the story leads down the path of organ donation, it’s not a story without hope. I love this book, because it echoes the message of my blog, making the most of the time you have and not wasting your life. Hallie is given a second chance, so she is sure as hell not going to waste it.  A truly inspirational tale of hope, love and friendship. Pretty much everything you need in life.

Jill Mansell’s new book is available to buy now.

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