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The first question I expect you are asking is ‘where is Madeira’? It’s located off the coast of Portugal, down towards Africa. Flying time is about 4 hours if you go directly from the UK, but you can also hop on a flight from most main Portuguese airports.

The second thing I think you’ll want to know is, ‘what is the weather like’? The answer is very agreeable. Varying between 17 degrees in the winter, up to about 25 degrees in summer. That’s ideal for a year-round break.

Now we’ve covered off the basics. Here are some of the reasons why you should visit –

Festivals and Event

There are lots of events going on in Madeira all-year round, but I’ve picked out a few highlights.

Carnival (February /March)
The highlight of the carnival is the parades which take place on the Sunday and Tuesday, during the event.


Flower Festival (April/May)
The island’s subtropical climate plays a big part of this festival and there are dozens of floats, which are expertly decorated, paraded through the streets during this festival. It really is a sight to behold.


Wine Festival (August/September)
Madeira’s grape harvest is one that shouldn’t be missed. Madeira is famous for its wine, so it would be a travesty not to see how it’s made and, of course, taste some.

Things To See and Do

Carros de Cesto
This is one of the most famous attractions on this beautiful island. You can take a traditional basket ride through the streets in Funchal – the capital of Madeira.


Natural Volcanic Pools
There are two natural salt water pools, located in the north coast of the island – Porto Moniz and Seixal.

Stand Up Paddle
Take in the view of the sea in front of you whilst standing up and paddling on the water. A really fun activity and a great way to explore the coastline.


Laurissilva Forest
This is claimed to be one of the most beautiful places in Madeira. Lots of awesome trees and a 360-degree view of amazing landscapes depicting a plethora of colours and scenes.

Walking and Cycling
I think you’d be missing a trick if you didn’t explore this island by foot and by cycle. There are signposted routes for both options and what you’ll see on your explorations will be well worth the effort.


I hope I’ve given you a taster of what you might see and do in Madeira and hope that you choose to add this wonderful destination to your must-visit list!

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