Baby Shows


Baby Shows

Now I’m 25 weeks pregnant, I’ve started buying all the essentials my baby and I will need once he or she is here. A great way to find out what’s out there is a baby show. I was recently invited to attend The Baby Show at Excel with MAM. MAM are well-known in babyland for their excellent range of bottles, sterilisers, teethers and soothers as well as many other things. They were hosting a blogger morning, which after we would be able to look around the fantastic MAM stand, in addition to all the other stands at the show. What a great day out for any Mum-to-be.

The blogger morning started at 9:30am, just as the show started. Travelling from Kent, it meant it was a very early start but it also meant I could enjoy a full day in London. The blogger event covered three main topics, combination feeding, breastfeeding transitions and oral care for your little ones. There were three experts on hand to talk you through their experience and offer their pearls of wisdom. Being new to this world, I found the three talks really interesting and had a number of questions which I spoke to the experts after about.

Baby Shows

After the event, I had a look around the MAM stand, which was offering some fantastic deals on their bloggers, sterilisers and other items in their range. I was amazed at some of the discounts available. This is obviously why people go to baby shows like this, as you can save yourself a fortune on all the essential items you need to kit yourself out with.

After the conclusion of the MAM event, I met with my friend and we wandered around the show, taking in the multitude of stands on offer. The show was well laid out, with facilities for anyone travelling with kids, things like a changing area, high chairs at the dining tables, which was well thought out.

There were lots of stands that offered many nice-to-have things. You could easily spend a small fortune on bits and pieces that you don’t necessarily need, but you’ve seen and fallen in love with. I saw a number of adorable outfits that I could have easily bought in the dozens. But for now, I’m sticking to the essentials and basics as they can really mount-up for first-time parents.

There was a buggy track at the event, so you could try out you preferred buggy on different terrains. This is a great idea as not all buggies are equal when it comes to different surfaces. We didn’t stop here as I have already bought a pram but it was very busy with prospective parents.

Overall I think the Baby Show was really well organised and laid out. The team there were really helpful and there were a good variety of stands offering lots of useful items. I wouldn’t hesitate to go to another show, to buy the remaining essentials that we need. I also think that my husband would enjoy looking through all that’s on offer. Have you been to a baby show? What did you think? Did you get any good bargains there? Would you recommend it to a first-time parent?

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