Bellagio Fountains


Bellagio Fountains

From one or two of my earlier posts, the Magic Fountain in Barcelona or the Dubai Fountain, you may have come to realise that I love dancing water, set to music and light. I find it enchanting to watch and I love the cleverness of the movement to the music. So it’s always been a dream of mine to watch the fountain show at the Bellagio Hotel.

The Bellagio fountains run all day long, from 3pm to midnight (earlier on Saturday and Sundays). Shows up until 8pm (7pm on Sundays) are very half an hour, and after this, they are every 15 minutes. The shows last about 6 – 7 minutes depending on the track that is played. It is a different soundtrack each time, so you can watch the Bellagio fountains several times and enjoy a different show.

Bellagio Fountains

I personally think the fountain show is best a night-time as this is when the real magic comes alive. The Bellagio Fountains aren’t like those in Barcelona, they are only one colour, but they are on a much grander scale. The backdrop of the Bellagio is beautiful and the scene depicted by the hotel and the dancing water is not to be under-estimated in terms of its awesomeness.

We turned up at 8pm and watched a couple of shows. Some of the shows were lower key and the water was mellower, akin to the music. Some were much more rapid with great plumes of water being fired as high as the hotel.

It’s easy to get a space to watch the show. You can line the balustrade opposite the hotel, on the strip and watch from there. You can also go up the steps into the hotel’s shopping area and look down on the show. There’s plenty of space for everyone to take in a fountain show or two.

Bellagio Fountains

And a great thing to remember is that the Bellagio fountain show is free. Las Vegas can be pretty pricey, especially on the strip. So taking the time to see something that’s so awesome that doesn’t cost a dime is pretty rare in these parts. I urge you if you are planning a trip to Las Vegas, seeing the fountain show at the Bellagio must be at the top of your to-do list.

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