Best Travel Apps


Best Travel Apps

When I first started exploring the world, there was no such thing as a smartphone. We planned our trip, hopped on a plane or train and worked it out when we were there. It’s a lot easier now to both find your way around and plan in advance. You can book a hotel whilst on an overnight bus to that destination, you can check out flight times whilst enjoying a dip in the pool.

Apps have made travelling a lot easier (and probably safer too). So I’ve crowd-sourced from the blogging community to see what apps people recommend. Here’s what my blogging friends have told me are the best travel apps.
We kick off this round-up of best travel apps with Lianne over at Ankle Biter Adventures says she highly rates the app. She says this is great to find the cheapest hotel, read reviews and look at photos and reviews.

City Mapper
The Incidental Parent Erica says she loves City Mapper! She says it has all the public transport and routes on it. It’s a lifesaver for her.

Eleni over at In Love with The Med says her recommendation is Esplorio. She adds that it helps her record all the locations she has visited at a destination, with the exact address, time and date and even duration of the trip to the specific destination.

Visit A City
Tsundoku Girl Rhi says Visit a City app is useful. She says you can see full timetables of ideas to do in each area of different cities, saving you the faff of trying to work out what’s near each other. It’s perfect for creating day itineraries.

Bee Money Savvy’s Emma adds that the WeSwap app allows you to manage your travel budget and exchange currency instantly. WeSwap is a peer-to-peer currency exchange platform that matches travellers heading in opposite directions and allows them to swap their travel money directly. She concludes that they offer the best exchange rates too (better than the post office or bank!).

Samantha at Griff Blog says it might be obvious but she finds the TripAdvisor app so useful when she’s travelling somewhere new and has no idea where to start! She’ll usually look up restaurants and things to do, then get on Google and check out blogs to see if they match up.

Best Travel Apps

Family Travel with Ellie’s Nikki recommends Skyscanner. She says what she loves most is that she can search from ‘United Kingdom’ to ‘Everywhere’, and just see all the random places she can travel to cheaply and make up a weekend away from there!

Hotel Tonight
Sarah over at Sincerely Sarah says she loves Hotel Tonight. For her, it means she can travel flexibly and get great deals on excellent hotels. Perfect for both the experience and affordability!

XE Currency Converter
Sian who blogs over at Little Miss Frugal recommends the XE currency converter app. It allows her to check the cost conversion, so I don’t get carried away with the change in currency. She adds that it’s so easy to navigate and also works offline!

Keely at Keely’s Nails says she really likes PackPoint. The app allows you to create custom lists. It includes lists for different activities, so you don’t forget to pack (or re-pack on the way home) everything you need. She says it also uses location and dates to make recommendations on the weather during your holiday or business trip.

The Diary of a Jewellery Lover Mellissa says she rates Uber. It’s so easy to use and means that you can be picked up at any location with a mobile signal. No trying to find a local taxi number. She says it’s brilliant especially for solo travellers and women worried about safety.

National Rail
Emma over at the PHD Runner says she spends a lot of time travelling on trains, so for her, the National Rail app is really one of the best travel apps. She says it’s relatively easy to use and has stopped her rushing to her local station to catch trains that have been cancelled.

Best Travel Apps

The Rare Welsh Bit’s Kacie says she loves the Rome2Rio app. She says it’s really handy for helping her to plan public transport routes, often even in rather off-the-beaten-path destinations. She recommends using this app in conjunction with Google Maps. Rome2Rio also tells her roughly how much her trip is likely to cost, so she can work out what the most affordable option will be.

Ali at Diary of a Detour recommends JustPark. It saves her a fortune on parking when she visits somewhere like Brighton or London. She can park right in the middle of town, so she is close to everything too. She adds that it’s so convenient!

Messenger and Whatsapp
Jo at Tea and Cake for the Soul says she uses Messenger and Whatsapp whilst travelling. She has set up a custom friends list on Facebook for a handful of her close friends and family. She then posts each day with news of what they’ve been up to with a couple of photos. It not only acts as a virtual postcard to them, but she says it’s wonderful to have a reminder of their holiday when it comes up throughout the following years in Facebook memories.

And Messenger or Whatsapp are essential for her to keep in touch with friends that they are getting together with during their road trips. Plus also family back home – saves incurring hefty call charges.

I hope this collection of the best travel apps was useful for you. There’s definitely a few I hadn’t heard of. What other ones would you recommend me adding to the post?

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