Amano, West Malling


Amano, West Malling

Located in Swan Street in West Malling, Kent, Amano is a bit of a hidden gem of an Italian restaurant. Having dined in West Malling a number of times, I’d not realised there was an Italian in the town. But after spotting it on Google Maps one day, I suggested to my friend we should book a table for our next dinner out and try it out.

We dined at Amano on a Thursday evening. It was relatively quiet in the restaurant, with only a few other tables in use. But that was fine by us as we were able to enjoy a very peaceful dinner.

On arrival at the restaurant we were greeted warmly and shown to our table in the conservatory area. This is a great place for dinner, especially in the lighter evenings. It’s bright, airy and feels lush with the foliage that decorates this area. The décor matches the atmosphere.


When we were looking through the menus, there were a couple of things that took both our eyes, but we couldn’t decide what to order. Our waiter helped us to decide. My friend and I were both quite hungry, so he suggested choosing a pizza as they were quite large and the lasagne was a much smaller portion in comparison. We both decided to go for a capricciosa, which is a thin crust pizza topped with tomato, mozzarella, mushroom, olive, salami & Parma ham.

The food was cooked very quickly. I spied that Amano had a pizza oven when I arrived, which would mean they can cook fresh pizzas to order in next to no time.

And boy were these pizzas big! He really wasn’t kidding when he said they were large. We could have easily shared one. Neither of us managed to finish them. If I had been with my husband, he definitely would have finished the portion, but there was no way we could have done.

The pizza was really nice. The base was good, as I would expect from an Italian restaurant like Amano. The toppings were generous, but very strangely displayed across the pizza. Instead of being spread out evenly across the base, they were clumped together in patches. This isn’t something I’ve come across before. Perhaps this is a regional way in some area of Italy, but we found it a little strange. On being presented our pizza, we did rearrange them quite a bit, no one wants mouthful after mouthful of olives, followed by only Parma ham.


We didn’t have room for dessert which was a shame. They had both a semifreddo and a chocolate torte, either which I would have happily sampled. But not this time!

Our bill for the two pizzas and two soft drinks came to £32.60 which is very reasonable, especially if you consider the portion sizes.

I think Amano, West Malling is a really nice restaurant and I would happily visit again. I think the atmosphere and service was really good. The pizza was nice and I would happily go back and try other items on their menu too. Perhaps next time the lasagne and then a dessert!

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