Big Bus Tour, Las Vegas


Big Bus Tour, Las Vegas

There’s no denying that seeing a city via a bus tour is a very smart idea. We booked the Big Bus Tour of Las Vegas on our very first full day of being in the city. Bus tours are a really great way to find your way in a new place. They are also great if the weather is good, like it often is in Las Vegas, as you can sit up on top deck and enjoy the views and the sunshine.

The Big Bus Tour, Las Vegas consists of a day route and an evening route. Both offer very different propositions.

The day route is typical to bus tours I have done of the past, where you hop on and hop off when you reach a stop of interest. We took in much of the strip and hopped off at The Golden Nugget in downtown Las Vegas. Our mission was to see the biggest ever golden nugget to be discovered. En-route we also found out from our tour guide that there’s a place in Binion’s Hotel where you can have your picture taken, for free, with $1,000,000, so we also popped in to do that. It’s not often you find something free in Vegas.

Big Bus Tour Las Vegas

So after snapping a few pictures of the giant golden nugget, we hopped back on the bus to the Stratosphere. This is one of the world’s highest observation towers. We went up the top to take in the views of the city. More on that in another post.

Big Bus Tour Las Vegas

From here, we walked up to the next bus stop and hopped back on the bus which would take us back down the north of the strip and back to the stop at the Linq/High Roller which was right by our hotel. All in all, the daytime route takes about 2 – 2 ½ hours, depending on traffic. During your trip you always have a guide on the bus, talking you through what you are seeing and pointing out the sites that you may have missed. The guides are very knowledgeable and know a lot of the tricks and quirks of Las Vegas, so really give you the insiders tips.

The night tour works a bit differently. There are only three pick up stops and they are at specific times. You get there early to get your seat on the top deck. We weren’t that early, but we were lucky enough to still get a seat on top deck.

Night-time is when Las Vegas really comes alive. All the hotels and attractions switch on their lights, the fountains at the Bellagio have water shows with lights and music every 15 minutes. People come alive so there’s much more noise and buzz in the city.

Big Bus Tour Las Vegas Big Bus Tour Las Vegas

Taking this all in on the bus tour is such a great idea as not only do you get a high-up view you also get the wealth of knowledge of the tour guide that evening. He was really funny and share lots of anecdotes about the city.

The night bus drops you off at downtown Las Vegas for around an hour, where you can grab a quick bite or a drink and enjoy the Freemont Experience show which is projected on to huge screens every hour.

Big Bus Tour Las Vegas

After your hour is up, you hop back on the bus and the tour continues back down from the north of the strip to take in the rest of the hotels and the magic of Vegas. What a great experience.

Tickets for the day tour cost $44.10 if booked in advance, the night tour is included in the Deluxe ticket which costs $67.50. Buying the Deluxe Tour is well worth it, as you can see two different views of Las Vegas on one ticket, your ticket is valid for 3 days and you can enjoy the Eiffel Tower Experience.

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Disclosure: The Big Bus Tour offered us a pair of complimentary tickets, but as always my opinions are my own.

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    • Sally Sally says:

      Ha ha – is that just an excuse to go back Jeremy? There’s lots of new building work going on, so I expect they’ll be some new hotels and attractions next time you visit.

    • Sally Sally says:

      It’s such a good experience Lydia. And the bus driver slowed right down at the welcome to Las Vegas sign so we could take pictures. The traffic all got held up. It was very funny.

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